Practice Of The Month - La Prada Family Dentistry

Congratulations to our Practice Of The Month!

This month, we’re proud to share with you the story of Dr. Sara Fallahi and Dr. Zachary Kingsberg, and their family dental practice in Garland, TX.

La Prada Family Dentistry opened their doors in 2017 to offer affordable, high-quality dental care to families in their community. From the beginning they focused on being available 7 days a week, accepting insurance plans and staying open as late as 7pm during the week.These characteristics made their practice marketable and gave Firegang a strong foundation upon which to launch their dental marketing.

Dr. Fallahi and Dr. Kingsberg came on board with Firegang in September 2017, when their practice opened.

One of the key reasons La Prada Family Dentistry has seen such success during their first year with Firegang is their willingness to partner with us, rather than view Firegang as just another vendor.

Having a partnership mindset when it comes to dental marketing means that Dr. Kingsberg & Dr. Fallahi:

What makes Firegang different is our focus on partnering with dentists to help each aspect of a practice work together along with marketing to get the results our clients depend on year after year.

Success By The Numbers

Firegang dental marketing graph showing la prada family dentistry's new patient growth after becoming a client


The practice had ambitious growth goals when they partnered with us in 2017 and were able to meet them all in the course of just 1 year. As you can see from the above graph, these goals were not only met, but met ahead of their expectations!

Goal #1: Average triple digit new patients/mo after 6 months

Goal #2: Double their first new patient goal after 12 months

The practice also had a third goal: to hit a very aggressive production goal after their first year of partnership with Firegang. This goal was met before their first year with us and they were able to celebrate in July - 2 months ahead of schedule!

Firegang’s first marketing initiative with La Prada Family Dentistry was to kickstart their high growth goals using pay per click (PPC) advertising with Google Ads. We see great success for our clients using PPC ads after their website launches, while we wait for the SEO improvements to strengthen their online presence over time.

These paid ad campaigns are currently driving more than 37% of the traffic to their website with SEO-enhanced organic listings driving nearly 26% on top of that.

Google Ads Example

google adwords example from la prada famil ydentistry in garland texas


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Still, Dr. Kingsberg and Dr. Fallahi aren’t just satisfied getting their phones ringing. Like every dentist, they need those potential new patient phone calls to turn into appointments.

As a dentist, you spend a large portion of your dental marketing budget on pay per click ad campaigns, but if your front office staff isn’t trained to convert those calls to new patient appointments it’s a waste of money.

Using Firegang’s phone training resources as a strong foundation, La Prada Family Dentistry has worked hard to convert phone calls into new patients. They have been steadily reaping the benefits with an average of 62% of their phone calls turning into appointments.

Standing Out From The Competition

With dentists experiencing more competition than ever before, it’s vital to be able to show how a practice is better than and different than the other practices in their area. Firegang created a comprehensive strategy to do just that with La Prada Family Dentistry and managing their online reputation is an integral piece of that strategy.

Online reviews are not only important to helping a dental practice rank higher in Google search results and on the Google Maps app, they actively promote what’s better, different and ideal about a dental practice.

La Prada Family Dentistry has over 180 reviews on Google resulting in a 5 star rating with reviews from patients saying things like:

“Literally the best dentist office for children.”

“They took us in right away the same day I called to make an appointment - I felt so comfortable.”

“[La Prada Family Dentistry] Had a payment plan for the work done on my 9 yr old. I would recommend this office.”

“They are caring and kind. Great people, great atmosphere. This is now my family dentist office”

“They explain treatment plans so you can understand.”

All of these patient reviews showcase what makes this practice special and different from their competitors in the area. That’s why online reviews are so powerful and attract new patients for dentists.

A strong, positive online presence is vital to a successful dental practice and online reviews are today’s word-of-mouth. That’s why Firegang partnered with Dr. Fallahi and Dr. Kingsberg to make sure their staff was not only trained to ask patients to leave reviews, but to make it easy for patients to post that review where new patients are looking: Google.

screenshot of google maps review on la prada family dentistry

screenshot of 5 star google review for la prada family dentistry

We’re proud to have La Prada Family Dentistry as one of our clients and success stories. The entire Firegang team looks forward to our continued partnership and even more successful years to come for this Garland, TX-based dental practice

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