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Our “Multi-Location Program” is built for the dentist entrepreneur and the executive who need a marketing strategy designed to help fulfill their vision. We’ll work with you to develop a customized growth strategy uniquely crafted for your situation and your goals.

Firegang’s 3-Part Integrated Marketing Model

Marketing Model

Our primary goal at Firegang is to help you create a dental practice that is truly remarkable and rewarding to you. That’s why “Remarkable & Rewarding” is at the heart of our model.

Whatever those two words mean to you, we’ll create a tailored growth strategy to help get you there.

There are 3 primary levers in our growth strategy that can help you create the exponential growth needed to fulfill your vision: Differentiation, Visibility, and Conversion.

All of our growth strategies begin with crafting your core marketing message. This process allows us to uncover what makes each of your practices tangibly unique and why a patient would choose you over all the others in your area. Our goal is to showcase your brand and each of your practices as the #1 best choice for patients in your market.

We can help you…

• Build a single brand across multiple locations or develop separate brands at each office.
• Keep a local feel in each market while adding additional locations.
• Establish a marketing platform you can leverage to scale into more locations.

If any of the following resonates with you, it’s time to rework your marketing message at one or more of your practices:

  • You get a lot of price shoppers or low-quality leads who are just looking for a deal.
  • Some of your practices are thriving, while others are struggling (or all of them are struggling).
  • Your website is loaded with stock photography and/or reads like a Wikipedia page for dental services.

Once we’ve identified what your core marketing message is, and how to communicate what makes you truly unique, it’s time to focus on your…

Obscurity is the death of any business, and dental practices are no exception. However, you don’t want to just be visible; you must show up everywhere with the right message. This is why differentiation comes first. Once we’ve nailed down your key points of differentiation, we'll focus on moving you away from obscurity and help you to become highly seen & noticed online in each of your markets. We do this through a combination of online advertising and Google rankings.

We can help you…

  • Decide when and where to invest your ad budget.
  • Run unique ad campaigns & employ individualized SEO strategies for each location.
  • Develop models for ad spend ROI, so you can make informed decisions on scaling.

Showing up everywhere with a great message will equip you and your practice with a solid marketing foundation, but in order to drive revenue up, we'll also help you focus on…

Our goal is to eliminate any randomness in your conversion and become highly deliberate in decision-making. Marketing without tracking is about as effective as throwing darts at a dartboard and hoping to hit the bullseye. Maybe you hit it once in a while, but you’re far more likely to miss. Conversion-focused marketing is the backbone of a rock-solid growth strategy.

We can help you…

  • Build an intuitive tracking system to establish crystal-clear marketing metrics & simplified reporting.
  • Spend more time focusing on the big picture rather than the minutiae of marketing.
  • Understand what’s working and not working in your marketing to focus efforts.

If any of the following resonates, you likely have a conversion issue in your current strategy:

  • You’ve spent thousands of dollars on Google or Facebook ads with a negative ROI.
  • If you were asked “What isn’t working with your growth strategy right now?”, you wouldn’t have a way
    to find the answer.
  • You don’t have a formalized approach to training your staff on answering new patient calls (or it’s not
    being executed on)

I appreciate proactive vendors that push our dental group to be better, instead of me pushing them. Working with Alex and Becky as marketing partners has been awesome. I feel confident as we acquire and open more practices, we’ve got a strong marketing platform in place to leverage.

Dr. Josh Cochran, Dr. C Family Dentistry

Firegang’s Full List of Capabilities

To help you create a truly remarkable and rewarding practice, we will develop and execute on a tailored marketing strategy utilizing a combination of the following:


Brand Development
Website Design and Copywriting
Photo & Video Media Packages


Google & Facebook Ad Management
Full Service Social Media Management
Blog Development


Conversion-Optimized Website Development
Website Hosting & Support
SEO (Onsite Search Engine Optimization)
Local SEO (Google Maps Optimization)
Reputation Management Software & Training


Deep Level Reporting
Call Tracking & Call Auditing
1:1 Client Success Management & Support
Prescribed Call Coaching Programs
Operations Consulting

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