My Practice is
Stagnant or Shrinking

Competition Is Increasing

Corporates Are Moving In

Production Is Flat or Falling

Young Patients Aren't Finding Me

My Avg Patient Age is Getting Older


I’m Growing. I Want to
Dominate My Market

I Want High Growth

Current Marketing Sucks

Can’t Break $1M or $2M in Revenue

I Want to Add Associates

I Want to Show Up Everywhere


I Bought/Started a
New Practice

Not Sure Where to Start

Unsure Who to Trust

Don’t Want to Waste Money

Need New Patients Fast

Want to Start Strong


Dental Marketing that Actually Brings New Patients

Statistics show that a vast majority of your target new patients are going online to find you. The question becomes, how do you get in front of them? There are many different forms of digital marketing that your business can use in its online marketing arsenal. Some of the most effective options include Dental SEO, Google Maps Optimization, Google PPC, Website Development, Reputation Marketing as well as creating an incredible website which will impress old and new patients alike. You’ll need a 360 degree strategy to actually begin to attract the types of new patients you want, rather than continue wasting money.


Listen to us on Dentaltown

If you want to know more about us, but don’t know where to start, we recommend listening to our conversation with Howard Farran. Dentaltown is one of the most trusted sources in Dentistry, and we had the honor of being on his podcast.

What’s so good about this talk is you get to hear first hand, our responses to questions from an actual dentist. These are questions you’ll probably have before contacting us. With Howard, we discuss what to do with your website, online reviews, PPC marketing, and exactly what’s holding most dentists back from growing their practice. We also reveal several of our best strategies for the first time.

What Makes Us Different?

Yes, we only work with dentists. We’ve found to get real, measurable results, it’s crucial to deeply understand the new patient psychology and behavior, as well understand what makes your practice unique versus your competitors. You need a solution that is 360 degrees and covers each and every area people are looking nowadays to find a dentist. We are also a Google Certified company which means we have gone through the rigorous selection process outlined by Google themselves, and meet their highest standards. We strongly advise to only work with Google Certified companies because if Google trusts a company, we believe you can too.

Listen to What Real Clients Say...

You shouldn’t take our word for these things. Visit our client testimonials or case studies to see what other dentists have experienced working with us. For example, Dr. Van Hala had little to no digital presence, and is now dominating his local market and getting the phone to ring each and every month.

He’s not the only one. Take a look at our long list of happy clients and real life case studies to see a true look at what you can expect. You can find more resources about us along with our insider’s guides on our free products page.

How Do You Know It “Works”?

It’s likely you’ve been scammed in the past. You’ve been taken to the cleaners by so-called “SEO Experts” or “Online Marketers”. This is why we will never hard sell you, and require a complete online “assessment” on your practice before we get started to ensure there are opportunities for you. We don’t want to go in blindly. Simple: Painstakingly precise tracking and reporting. We go the ‘extra mile’ to track each and every new patient that comes through your door via advertising and prove your marketing is working. Then, we sit down you with on a regular basis and tell you exactly how your marketing dollars are performing. That way, you can sleep at night knowing your dollars are working for you and you’re making a big return on your investment.

We strongly believe that a marketing company should prove it’s worth, each and every month. Your advertising needs to be working for you, not against you. Without question, your new patient attraction strategies should be paying for itself. We want to show you proof and results from the very beginning.

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