Our Vision

Firegang’s vision is to partner with dentists to help them achieve a truly remarkable and rewarding dental practice.

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Company Culture

The Firegang culture is creative, fun, friendly, and professional. We are a passionate team that trusts each other and functions as a cohesive unit. Each team member takes ownership over their role, has pride in their work, and has pride in Firegang as a company.

As a remote company for the past 10 years, our team culture of collaboration knows no bounds - across state lines and time zones, as each member works from their respective corner of the country. Our team maintains a close-knit culture in a trusting virtual environment, where work-life balance is valued as the key to our collective success, not just encouraged.

I feel that I have been highly encouraged to develop my skills in the areas I’m most interested in…I know that whatever area I’m interested in professionally, my team is there to back me and encourage me every step of the way!

Courtney C, Client Success Manager

Our Core values

We always stay true to our core values and consistently ensure that all members of our team uphold them at all times.

  • Innovation

    Continually learning, testing, and growing to be the best marketing solution in the dental marketplace

  • Delivery

    Exceed client expectations by providing an excellent client experience to retain clients that are happy and value partnership

  • Ownership

    Exhibit personal accountability to meet the business needs, improve our systems and services, and help others improve their effectiveness

  • Attitude

    Approach all situations with respect and professionalism, an open mind, and a confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions

  • Development

    Creating an environment for personal and professional growth, building the organization
    from within

  • Mindset

    Recognize that change and profitability are essential to our future success and the success of our clients

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Who is Firegang?

Fire means both passion (our dedication to make you succeed) and great power (our superior knowledge of how to market your dental practice).

Fire = power (the internet) and Gang = group (our clients)

So, we believe that the doctors and practices who utilize the internet and digital strategies for new patient growth will be in a powerful and superior group (or gang), far surpassing and outperforming their competitors.

We think of our clients as part of a select tribe of dental practices who have figured out how to leverage the internet and digital technologies to gain massive exposure to new patients and drive massive revenue growth.

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