Firegang’s Advanced Implant Funnel

The Firegang Advanced Implant Funnel is the most comprehensive and advanced funnel marketing solution to date. It utilizes an unparalleled education-first approach that turns leads into paying patients with our automated follow-up and lead handling services.

Dr. Roy Thompson, Roy Thompson, DDS

“It’s the best return-on-investment of anything I’m doing in marketing.”

Dr. Roy earned over $137,844 from implant services alone in his first 7 weeks using the Advanced Implant Funnel.

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Why implant dentists all across America Have already made the switch…

…to the Most Advanced Marketing that Exists Today - The Implant Funnel

If you’re struggling to book new implant patients, have a schedule full of “free consultations” with price-shopping patients (that you know will never move forward with implants anyway), or you’re simply wondering what happened to implant leads you never saw again, it’s not your fault.

The way dentists have been marketing implants hasn’t changed in years, and most dentists and marketers have accepted the low-result efforts of their implant marketing, truly believing there is no better way. The problem is…

Everyone is Marketing Their Services the Same Way

If you’re like most implant dentists, you are probably advertising a special offer or a free consultation, sending patients to your website, and hoping they call you. The main issues with this kind of marketing is that it…

  • Costs Too Much
  • Does Not Differentiate Your Practice
  • Does Not Build Trust with New Patients

But with This New Implant Funnel…

…you will be marketing differently (AND SMARTER) than anyone in the industry - generating high-quality new implant patients month after month.

In fact, most dental marketing companies don’t understand that the goal of your implant marketing should not be to flood your schedule with consultations. You would rather have a manageable number of new, ready-to-get-treatment dental implant patients every month.

With our Implant Funnel, you’ll discover a completely new, efficient, and smarter way to attract and book implant patients.

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"I've been working with the Firegang team on the implant funnel and have consistently received 3+ leads A DAY! I've spent about $18,000 and we've had case acceptance totals of over $150K, and we've only scratched the surface of reaching out to all the requests. The Firegang tracking platform is intuitive and precise so you know the acceptance stage of every lead and who on your team is tracking it and scheduling consults. This leads to excellent team accountability. My ROI easily substantiates the investment."

Dr. Roy Thompson, Roy Thompson, DDS

“How Is The Implant Funnel Different Than My Current Marketing?”

the big three

After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars testing implant marketing, we’ve learned that in order to choose an implant dentist, patients need the answers to 3 questions…

We call them THE BIG THREE:

  • How Much Do Dental Implants COST?​
  • ​What are the OPTIONS?
  • ​Who Should I TRUST?

the big three

Answering questions #1 and #2 can be straightforward, but how do you establish trust up front with potential new patients? Here’s how the Implant Funnel does it.

When a patient searches the internet for information on implants, your Implant Funnel will do the following: offer custom information about your practice (that ANSWERS the Big Three questions), capture the patient’s information, consistently check-in via automated follow-ups (WITHOUT being pushy to book an appointment), and hand them off to you!

This is all VERY advanced, in-depth marketing. But with our proprietary dashboard and software, we are able to simplify all of it. We’ve made the Implant Funnel a turnkey solution for your practice. It’s only a matter of turning the funnel ON to start booking more implant patients!

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and see a demo of Firegang’s Advanced Implant Funnel!

Click the Button Below to Schedule Your Free Marketing Assessment and See a Demo of Firegang’s Advanced Funnel!

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