Dental SEO

Dental SEO

Dentist SEO Marketing

Dentistry is our specialty. Our team knows what new patients are looking for and will build your dentist SEO marketing strategy to match. When a potential new patient types specific keywords into Google for one of your serivces, our SEO ensures your
dentistry will appear at the top of the results.

What Makes Our Dental SEO Marketing Strategy Different?

A dental SEO services strategy will only work if your dental SEO company has done the research to discover what keywords and search terms are being used by dental patients in your area. At Firegang, we put our years of experience and collective keyword-based data to work for your dental practice. Our team knows what works in the dental industry – we only work with dentists! Our years of experience driving high-quality patients to our clients’ dental practices have given us all the information we need to ensure our proven dentist SEO strategies will work for your practice.

Firegang Client

“What I realized, working with Firegang, is it’s a custom tailored experience to our practice… We have a really excellent website because of it, and the NUMBER ONE ranking website in our area for every single category”

– Dr. Guy Burk, Anchorage Midtown Dental

Proven Dentist SEO Methodology

Over the past 10+ years, we’ve developed a proven method of extensive keyword research. This dentist SEO method gives us the keyword data we use to help your dental practice rank prominently for “Dentist + [Your Area]” searches. It also helps you rank for target services patients near you are looking for, like: Dental Implants, Sedation Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, etc.

Try this simple test: Using an “incognito window” to search Google, search for the keywords Dentist + [Your Area]. Your Area could indicate your town, city, or state. Now press enter and see what comes up.

Take a look at the resulting series of dental practice listings. If your practice fails to rank near the top of the page, you are not optimizing new patient and revenue growth. And all that money you’re not making is going to your competitors… the dental practices that succeeded in ranking where your practice should be.

If you’re not attracting new patients from Google, your competitors are. The patients are out there searching, even as you read this. Which dentist in your area will they choose?

At Firegang, we use our proven dentist SEO methodology to make sure your practice will rank highly for keyword search terms dental patients search for within specific neighborhoods around your dental practice.

Dental SEO Marketing That Google Loves

It’s no secret there are ethically questionable SEO strategies out there. We refuse to use “black hat” techniques to improve your Google ranking because they can harm your dental practice in the long run.

Instead, our team promotes proven dentist SEO best practices designed to drive patients to your practice’s website while making sure Google doesn’t penalize your site.

Analyze the Data, Improve, and Repeat

At Firegang, no marketing campaign is ever set in stone. As people’s preferences evolve, so do Google’s algorithms. Your dental practice’s entire search presence needs to adapt to these changes if you hope to keep your prominent search rankings.

This requires consistent analysis of your dentist SEO data by our performance team and your dedicated Client Success Manager to determine how you can best optimize your search presence for never-ending improvements.

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"I like to believe that it is important to establish a win-win relationship with business partners. Some companies don't care how your business does as long as you pay the invoice. I have never felt that with Firegang. I know the initial price tag for marketing can seem high, but I remember on average that every $1 I spend on marketing I get at least $10-$15 back!"

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