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Dental Front Office Training

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In a typical dental office, between 17% and 30% of phone calls go completely unanswered, and our research shows that only 45-50% of the answered calls turn into new patient appointments. This means that if your practice is getting 50 new patient calls every month, you’d be converting just 17 of those into new patients booked.

This kind of break down at the front office is all too common for dental practices in North America, but it presents a massive opportunity for doctors willing to take action. The first step is understanding how your staff is handling new patient conversations. This starts with call auditing and tracking.

Call Auditing

For all of our clients, we implement call tracking software that allows us to identify what marketing campaign a call came from and how it was handled. Firegang offers a large team of call auditors that listen to every new patient call for our clients. In fact, in 2018 we listened to over 65,000 new patient calls.

This massive amount of data has allowed us to fully understand what separates high converting, successful practices, from those that are struggling. Through listening to your staff’s new patient calls we can better understand if any kind of problems exist with how your practice handles the phones. Then we can develop a customized training plan to get your moving in the right direction.

To learn more about high converting phone strategies, click here to download our staff training guide complete with how-tos and call scripts.

Front Office Staff Phone Training

As a Firegang client your dedicated client success manager will work directly with you and/or your team via a customized training plan. They will provide you with our best training materials and phone scripts, uniquely crafted based on our call auditing and analysis.  Our goal for any practice is to reduce calls missed to less than 5%, and improve your call conversion rate to over 80%. Firegang will hold your staff accountable to strong results, and take the training completely off your plate.

Dental Patient Retention

Turning your dental front office staff into patient retention experts means you spend more time treating dental patients and less time worrying if you have the number of patients you need.

Our dentist front office training is designed to:

  • reduce no-shows
  • reduce missed opportunities
  • reduce wasted marketing spend
  • improve efficiencies within your staff

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