PPC For Dentists – The Key To Get The New Patients You Need

Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are one of the most effective methods for driving heavy amounts of targeted traffic to your dental websiteBy using the best practices for PPC for dentists, PPC ads will put your dental practice in front of potential patients when those individuals search for dentists and dental services in your area.

Effective PPC for dentists will make sure your potential new patients see your practice at the top of search engine results pages whenever they conduct an online search.

So how does it work? How can you use PPC ads to drive more traffic to your dental practice website and convert those visitors to new patient appointments? Follow these PPC for dentists best practices to get the most out of your Google Ads ad campaigns.

PPC For Dentists - Uniquely Specialized and Dedicated Keyword Research Strategy

Thorough keyword research is a must before you can develop effective PPC ad campaigns. Your research will uncover the ways your potential patients are looking for dentists and dental services in your area.

These keywords and phrases will then be used to position your dental PPC ads in front of potential patients, which will ultimately edge out competing dental practices around you.

One of the best tools to do this type of research is Google Keyword Planner. This is one of the tools our experts use when setting up PPC ads for our clients.

Highly Targeted Dental PPC Ad Campaigns

Once you’ve done your research, your PPC ads need to be created using the keywords and keyword phrases you discovered through your extensive research. Pay attention to each element of the ads in your campaign and how they all fit together.

For example, if your ad is advertising a special on dental implants consultations, make sure that when the potential new patient clicks the ad they’re directed to the dental implants page on your website that gives more details on the special offer. You never want to link a dental PPC ad to your basic homepage if it’s advertising a specific service. That’s how potential new patients end up leaving your website to schedule with your competitors.

Click-Enticing Titles

The title text of your PPC ad needs to draw in potential patients and showcase what can set your practice apart. Your titles are one of the first things Google searchers will see, so make them count.

Don’t Say: Main Street Dental Care - Dentist In Smithville

Do Say: Dental Implants In Smithville - Free Consult With X-Rays

Relevant Ad Content

The body of your PPC dental ads should be a continuation of your title. Never surprise your audience. In other words, never include content in the body of your ad that has nothing to do with the PPC ad’s title.

Every element of your PPC ads for dentists needs to work together and your potential new patients should already know what to expect from your body by the title you chose. Your body should also provide a call to action to drive traffic to your landing page.

Authoritative Landing Pages

If you have managed to entice a click with your PPC dental ad, congratulations! Now you have to keep that momentum going by sending that potential new patient to your conversion optimized website so they’ll turn into a new patient. Click here for an example of one of our client's landing pages for a dental PPC ad.

Test Your Ad Campaigns

Just setting up a PPC for dentists ad campaign for dentists isn’t going to work. It’s something that needs to be constantly monitored and tested either by you or by a dental marketing company that knows what keywords and tactics work in your market.

Testing your PPC ad campaigns helps you find the right combination of effective title, body and website landing page so that you can increase your conversion rates over time.

Don’t be afraid to test different colors, action words and even different keywords to find the elements your audience responds to best. With enough testing and tweaking, you will be able to craft successful dental PPC ad campaigns that essentially become new dental patient magnets.

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