Pretty vs. Conversion-Optimized - Is Your Dental Website Working?

A conversion-optimized website is a site that is designed to increase the percentage of dental website visitors who take a desired action.

Simply put, your website needs to be designed to make visitors want to become new patients.

At Firegang, we see dentists often make the mistake of assuming that a visually “pretty” website is the same as a conversion-optimized dental website.

Unfortunately that isn’t always the case.

frustrated dentist at computer trying to get dental website to work

We believe your dental website’s #1 purpose is to drive new patient growth. Otherwise what’s the point of having one?

A dental website can also help current patients answer questions, research procedures, and maybe even log into your current patient portal. But it’s primary purpose is to motivate visitors to call and schedule an appointment.

In the downloadable guide (linked below), we share examples of real client websites that are successfully converting visitors to new patients.

Not sure if your website is doing what it should?

Is your dental practice’s website working the way it should to drive new patients into your practice?

Knowing what pieces of your dental website need improvement is the first step toward creating a site that engages new patients and brings them in the doors of your practice year after year.

spilled drink on business papers and calculator illustrating mistakes dentists can make on their dental website


The 3 Big Mistakes Dentists Make On Their Websites

Focusing on “pretty” design elements that don’t serve a purpose
This really comes down to putting more emphasis on the way a website looks instead of whether it’s what a potential new patient would want to see

Forgetting to include “calls to action” on every page
The site needs to make it easy for patients to contact your practice and click to book an appointment. That's what we refer to as a "call to action". Don’t make them search through pages to find your contact information!

Using poor quality photos or only using stock photos
Photos are an opportunity for you to build trust with potential patients. Use professional-quality photos of you, your staff and your office so patients can connect with the “real” you. Stock photos can be ok to use, but use them sparingly!

If your website isn’t giving visitors what they’re looking for, they just click on the next dental practice in their search results.

Your website is at the center of every marketing effort and you should think of it as the virtual storefront for your practice.


Tired of spending money maintaining your practice's website and not getting the new patients you need?

Everyone knows an online presence is key to attract new patients and stay ahead of the competition.

Potential new patients are constantly looking online to learn more about your practice, your services and your reputation.

male caucasian dentist explaining a procedure to a dental patient who found his practice using a dental website


It’s worth taking the time to make sure that once they visit, they turn into a new patient!


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