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Are You A Five-Star Dentist?

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If you had to guess, how strong do you think your online dentist reputation is right now? Could it be stronger?

Is a negative online dentist reputation holding you back from increasing your new patient numbers? For many dentists, the answer is “yes”.

Data Supports The Importance Of Online Reviews For Dentists

Here’s a statistic you should remember: 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from their friends and family. Nearly 9 out of 10 people will search online and call a “five-star” dentist first. Potential new dental patients want a reputable dentist and they find one online by looking for a dentist with a “five-star” rating.

How Important Is Your Online Dentist Reputation?

As consumers, we do almost everything online…and that includes sharing our opinions on social media and review sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Search engines use these review sites to generate local search results that help consumers find trusted businesses quickly.

For example, take a look at the screenshot below, which shows the results of a Google search for “Dentist In Chicago”.

Looking at the above search result, which dentist would you choose? What dental office would you avoid? The answer should be easy.

The dentists with more reviews and higher star ratings clearly rise above the dental offices with low ratings. Positive online reviews are the best way to build a high level of trust with potential new patients and with search engines like Google.

“I use DemandForce or Healthgrades to get online reviews, isn’t that enough?”

No. Using third-party sites like this to get online reviews isn’t even close to enough. The problem is, sites like Demandforce own your reviews. The reviews you’re gaining there are only used in their system and the vast majority of new patients looking for a dentist in your area never even see those reviews.

Where do people look? Statistics show they look on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.  You need to have a very strong presence on those 3 platforms to really build a 5 star reputation online.

Having No Dentist Reputation Online Is The Same As Having A Bad One

Guess what? There are hundreds, if not thousands of high-quality dentists that would fall into the category of a “Chicago Dentist” in the above search. These dentists COULD be showing up in Google searches, but aren’t.

Why? One reason could be a lack of trust from search engines and from potential new patients. Patients and algorithms alike need to trust your practice and trust your website. With no reviews, there is a complete ‘trust void’.

How Does Firegang Use Reputation Marketing?

The fact is, one bad review can cost you hundreds of thousands in revenue each year as potential new patients skip over your practice and go to your competitors. However, the flipside is also true. A positive, compelling online reputation can help skyrocket your revenue and drive high-quality new patients to your practice every week.

We have developed a proprietary reputation marketing system that allows our clients to take full control of their online presence once and for all. In fact, we will teach you how to promote your reputation on the local search engines, inside your practice, on your website and in dozens of other important places all over the internet. We can also limit the exposure of poor reviews or even teach you how to turn them into good ones.

One customer said:

“When I first talked to the Firegang team last month about helping me advertise online, you can imagine my shock when they pointed out three horrible reviews that were out there for everyone to see.  I have always gone above and beyond to make all of my patients happy, yet I had no idea that these three people had a bad experience. Because I didn’t know technology, I failed these very respected customers and the whole world knew it.”

Is Your Online Reputation Less Than Stellar?

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