Three Powerful Strategies To Compete Against Corporates And Win

Is it still possible for solo dental practices to win the battle against large, competitive pressures? Can independent dental practices still compete against corporates successfully?


Though the growth in the corporate dental industry can be overwhelming, the reality is that savvy dentists will continue to beat out larger competitive pressures, day in and day out. The key to success is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of corporate dental practices—and then adjusting your marketing strategy accordingly.

If you’re ready to win in the competition against corporates, then get started with these three powerful strategies that are guaranteed to set your solo practice apart from the rest:

3 Powerful Strategies To Compete Against Corporates And Win

Build Trust And Personalization To Attract New Patients

One of the easiest ways to compete against corporate dental practices is to create a fantastic online brand. Corporate practices do not have the room to create an educational and personal experience on their websites—but that is exactly what patients want.

The more trust you can build with potential new patients, the more you can differentiate against corporates. Keep the following elements in mind for a dental website that drives new patients to your doors:

  • Let Your Photos Do The Talking

We always encourage dental practices to invest in professional, high-quality photography. Excellent images of the dentist and staff can create a strong emotional connection with patients before they have even stepped foot in your office.

  • Build An Educational Experience

Your dental website should be not only informational but also educational. We know that patients are getting more and more detailed in their Google searches. Not only do they want to know about potential dentists in their area, but they also want to find out who accepts their insurance, what specific procedures are available and more. Give patients the answers to their questions. An FAQ page is a fantastic way to do this.

Think about the services you offer, what insurances you accept, and what financing options are available. Make sure your navigation bar makes this information accessible and confusion-free.

Prove You Are Better Than Corporates With Amazing Online Reviews

If your dental practice is better than the competition, then you need to show it. How many Google Reviews does your practice have? What is your rating? How does this compare to the competition (specifically the corporate practices) in your area?

If a new patient is searching on Google and they see your dental practice boasts an average 5-star rating compared to a corporate practice with mostly three-star reviews, who do you think they are going to choose?

Google Reviews are only going to increase in importance. Google knows that its users value and trust online reviews. After all, online reviews are immediate social proof that your dental practice is delivering high-quality service that patients can trust. Google is thus making its reviews more prominent and easier to use.

Why would a patient choose a practice with a three-star review if they could get the same procedure at an office with all five-stars?

The good news for you is that we already know you are delivering five-star services to your patients. Ensure your patients are leaving reviews on Google immediately after their appointments to continue to prove your practice offers better services and care than nearby corporate practices.

Dominate Your Marketing With Cutting-Edge Strategies

Corporate dental practices are often trying to implement new marketing strategies to thousands of different dental offices all across the country. There is simply no way that they can keep up with implementing the newest—and most effective—cutting-edge marketing solutions on this scale. This is an enormous opportunity for solo dental practices to get ahead and win more patients, more quickly.

One way to stay cutting-edge is to rank in Google. Corporates are trying to rank hundreds and hundreds of practices at once, which is often next to impossible. However, with a highly individualized marketing plan that is customized to your individual dental practice, ranking highly in Google becomes much easier.

We also want to look ahead to where new patients are already engaging, such as paid ads and retargeting ads on social media. If you can stay ahead of the trends and make yourself visible where high-quality patients already are, then you are guaranteed to beat out the corporates for more patients and profit.

While the growth in corporate dentistry might seem overwhelming to your practice, it certainly doesn’t have to be. By tuning-in to corporate’s weaknesses—and implementing a strategic marketing approach that takes advantage of these gaps—your practice can rest assured that it will continue to grow and succeed in the ever-evolving dental industry.

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