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After analyzing hundreds of dental websites, we found the average dentist's website only converts about 2-5% of visitors into callers. That’s right, for every 100 patients that visit your website, it's likely only 2-5 people are actually calling your practice! That seems pretty low when you think about what a critical part your dental website...

12 Reasons Why Most Dental Websites Fail Dentists often make the mistake of assuming that the success of a dental website hinges exclusively on it being visually “pretty”, “clean”, and “modern”. However, this can’t be further from the truth and is the #1 reason why most websites fail. That’s not to say that websites for...

Dentists spend thousands on their website design, often feeling the end product doesn't properly capture their dental practice or high-quality services. In most cases, these dentists are correct: there is more you can do to capture the value of your practice. But making changes to your website is risky, so read on to learn how...

10 Critical Elements Of A Dental Website One of the biggest challenges dentists face is increasing competition. Recently, I spoke with a dentist who was the only doctor in his area when opening his practice years ago, but now he’s surrounded by 8 competing dental practices within a 1-mile radius of his office. Competition is...

Congratulations to our Practice Of The Month! This month, we’re proud to share with you the story of Dr. Blake Kingsbury and his family dental practice in Gastonia, NC. We’re going to talk about how they were able to master the concept of comprehensive dental marketing to become one of our most successful clients.

This is our final myth in this series on “busting” some of the most common dental marketing myths we’ve dealt with over the years. If you didn't have a chance to read about the first 5 myths, follow the links below for the whole story and to get all the free resources attached to each installment! Myth...

Congratulations to our Practice Of The Month: O2 Dental Group Of Fayetteville! This month, we’re proud to share with you the story of Dr. Olu Oyegunwa and his practice, O2 Dental Group Of Fayetteville. We’re going to show you how they came to be one of our most successful clients and continue to see consistent...

Is your dental practice’s website actively sending visitors to your competitors?   Once a potential patient lands on your website they should be immediately convinced to schedule an appointment with your office. How can you be sure it’s doing its job?

Starting to think about how your dental practice can close out the year strong? As surreal as it can seem with summer barely over, we’re preparing to enter the final quarter of 2016. Now is the time to make sure your practice ends the year well and has a plan in place to make 2017...

Does your dental practice have a presence online? More importantly, is your online presence working to attract new dental patients? Every day potential patients are judging your practice based on what they find online. Google now processes an average of 40,000 search queries every second, so how can you use the power of Google to...

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