How To Use Mobile Technology To Dramatically Increase Revenue In 2016

Most dental practices make a huge mistake when it comes to their websites:

Practices build their websites first and foremost with desktop computers in mind…and then maybe consider how their site looks on a mobile device.

But if Google has a mobile-first strategy, then your practice’s website should have one, too.


We advise dentists to create their website for mobile devices first, and then tweak the website so that it is also user-friendly on a desktop device.


You might be thinking: “I don’t really need to worry about mobile technology. I primarily run traditional ads on the radio and television.” However, it’s important to remember that all of your marketing revolves around your website.

If you run an ad—even traditional advertising—potential patients are going to whip out their phone to Google you (before they do anything else.) Your website is your online real estate. Without a fantastic dental website, your practice will not see an optimal return on investment.

There are numerous ways to determine if your website is mobile responsive. The quickest way is to grab the bottom corner of your browser with your cursor, and simply move the corner to the left to make the browser taller and skinnier. (You are loosely replicating the size of a mobile device.) Your website should ‘stack’, making it easy to navigate your website without having to scroll from left to right.

You can also use your own mobile device to pull up your website and take a look at what potential patients might see. Keep in mind that’s just one device. If you want to see what your website looks like on many devices, use one of these tools:


Remember that mobile results are showing mobile responsive websites first. Even if your practice shows up first on a desktop computer, that does not mean you will show up first on mobile search.

To make things even trickier, having a mobile responsive website alone isn’t enough. There are a lot of other things your website needs to include to adhere to Google standards. If your dental website is not doing everything right, you could be left out of mobile search results.

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