6 Dental Marketing Myths [Busted]: Myth #2

Welcome to the second installment of our 6-part blog series discussing some of the most common dental marketing myths we hear. If you missed the first post, just click here to check it out!

There’s so much information available these days about the "right" way to handle marketing, do you ever struggle to decide what's best for your practice?

Myth #2 is one I've heard so often and can be incredibly dangerous if dental practices believe it...

Myth #2: Established dental practices will always have the upper hand

This myth gained traction decades ago when it used to take years, sometimes 10 or more, for a dental practice to establish a positive reputation in their local community.

Online marketing and the rise of local reviews on Google, Yelp and other platforms has completely changed that.

For some reason this myth is still hanging around, so let's officially disprove it!

facts vs myth for dental marketing myths

Instead of taking years for a new dental practice to gain the attention of new patients, newly-opened practices can start building their patient base within a matter of months.

This myth isn't just damaging for new dental practices to believe, but can actively hurt established practices as well.

Dentists have come to us because they used to be dominating their local market, they were getting all the new patients and didn't take their competition seriously because they assumed the startup down the street would never catch up.

Because dentistry and dental marketing have changed, the playing field is more even and dental practices can more easily reach out to their ideal new patients wherever they happen to be searching for a dentist.

woman on laptop computer at desk as a potential new dental patient being reached by dental marketing instead of dental marketing myths

Potential new patients are at work on their desktops or out shopping on their smartphones. I don't know about you, but I don't even watch TV at home without scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or using Google during the commercials.

With online dental marketing, you can speak to potential new patients on their level, even the younger, more tech-savvy generations, and you can remain fresh on the minds of prospective patients without being pushy or intrusive.

This is true for both the established dental practice AND the startup. Neither practice can afford to get complacent with their marketing, or they'll get left behind.

Online dental marketing is key if you hope to stay competitive your local market. Whether yours is the newest practice in town or has been a community staple for generations, online marketing has the answers you need for growth.

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