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Growth Starts Here

You’ve realized you need to increase new patient flow. Now what? Most dental marketing companies just dive into a campaign, but we know the only way to provide a comprehensive marketing solution that works is to understand your dental practice. 

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Stagnant Or Struggling

Your Revenue Has Plateaued Or Fallen

If your practice is in decline, revenue has plateaued, growth has stagnated, or you struggle to attract enough of the high-quality dental patients you want, Firegang can help. We’ve helped many offices climb out of this situation using comprehensive dental practice marketing solutions. Click here if this describes your practice.

  • Competition Is Increasing
  • Corporates Are Moving In
  • Production Is Flat or Falling
  • Young Patients Aren’t Finding Me
  • My Average Patient Age is Getting Older


Your Revenue Has Grown And You Want To Dominate Your Market

You are highly motivated, have good practice management systems, and a motivated staff. You have all the pieces in place for a flood of a new patients, but just don’t have the dental practice marketing to bring them in. This position affords your practice enormous opportunity. Firegang has taken many practices to the next level with a comprehensive marketing strategy designed to grow and scale. If your dental practice is growing and you want to dominate your market, click here to learn more.

  • I Want High Growth
  • Current Marketing Isn’t Getting Results
  • Can’t Break $1M or $2M in Revenue
  • I Want to Add Associates
  • I Want to Show Up Everywhere


You Have Multiple Locations, You Want Consistent Growth

If you are managing 3 or more locations and looking for a comprehensive dental practice marketing solution to make your marketing more efficient and effective, Firegang can help. We partner with multi-location dental practices to provide complete end-to-end dental practice marketing solutions that can scale with your practice as you continue to grow. Click here if this sounds like you.

  • I Want High Growth
  • Some Locations Are Struggling
  • Can’t Break $1M or $2M in Revenue
  • I Want to Add Locations
  • I Want One Marketing Company For Multiple Locations

Unique Situations – Do None of These Sound Like You?

There’s a chance your practice doesn’t completely fall into any of these three categories. You may need a completely customized dental practice marketing strategy, tailored to meet your practice’s needs. In cases like this, we recommend sitting down with one of our dental practice growth experts to analyze your situation in depth and create a comprehensive strategy designed for your dental practice. Click here to schedule your call now.

Still Not Sure What Next Step To Take?

No matter what type of dental practice you have, Firegang is here to help you achieve your growth goals.

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