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Get Your Phones Ringing With High Quality Patients

If your practice is in decline, growth has stagnated, or you can’t attract enough of the patients you want, Firegang can help.

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Stop Sending Patients To Your Competitors

Get Found
Are you the best dentist in town? Do you have the latest technology? Unfortunately none of that matters if patients can’t find you. We know where new patients are looking for dentists, and we can put you in front of them. We use Facebook, Google Adwords, SEO best practices, online reputation management and more to make sure patients find your practice when they’re searching.

Skyrocket Web Traffic
The first step to attracting new patients is to increase your visibility. We use a combination of powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies and paid advertising to push your practice’s website to the top of Google’s search results in your local area. If you’ve tried SEO before and it flopped, click below to learn how our approach gets our clients results..
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Avoid Price Shoppers
We work with you to identify your ideal patient by considering your offerings, services, and preferences. We can then advertise only to that ideal patient, and help you grow your practice with the highest quality new patients.

Attract New Patients Today
As a marketing company that works exclusively with dentists, we know what works to attract new patients and what doesn’t. Let us dive into your practice and show you where you can improve today. Click below to request a free one-on-one practice assessment call.


These May Describe You Today

Older Patients

You have a solid patient base, but patients finding you seem to be older.

Revenue In Decline

Your practice stopped growing years ago, or even more recently.

Competition Increase

More and more practices are opening in your area, including corporate dental practices.

Failed Marketing

You've hired marketing companies, but you have no real results and might be wasting money.

No Marketing

You've worked mostly off referrals, but are wondering if you need marketing now.

Average Patient Age

The average age of your patients is getting older. This is similar to just attracting older patients.

Where To Start

There are many marketing options available and you're overwhelmed, unsure where to start.

Been Burned

You've had a bad experience with a marketing company and don't know who to trust.


Turn Website Visitors To New Patients With Every Click

Firegang creates websites designed to convert visitors to new patients. Our sites aren’t just designed to be visually attractivethey become the foundation of every marketing initiative for your dental practice.

Discover the difference a conversion-optimized website can make for your dental practice.

Firegang Client

“Hands down, the best business decision I’ve ever made was leaving my previous SEO company for Firegang! Because of their SEO work, there has been a tremendous amount of increase in our site traffic. This has led to an incredible amount of success for the practice.”

Olu Oyegunwa, Dentistry of Fayetteville

Work With Us

Partner With Firegang And Grow Together

Partnership Mindset
At Firegang we believe marketing is a partnership. While we can drive hundreds of qualified calls to your practice, we cannot answer the phones for you. The good news is we’re with you every step of the way, and we will provide training for your staff in areas we cannot directly manage.

Monthly Meetings
One-on-one monthly reporting sessions with your dedicated client success manager will provide everything from staff training resources and problem-solving tips to deep dives into your practice’s marketing data.

We understand that every dollar counts. That’s why we provide you with monthly reports to show you precisely how your money is being spent. You will know the exact amount of your Adwords and Facebook budgets, and what the ROI of those efforts are.

Try Dental Marketing That Finally Works

Let us help you take your dental practice to the next level and ensure its growth for years to come!

 Schedule a free 1-1 call with us, and we’ll assess your practice and show you what you can do to start achieving your goals.