How To Turn Dental Price Shoppers Into New Patients

Your front office staff needs to be trained to handle any question a potential patient throws at them...including the dreaded dental price shopper.

According to our clients, this type of phone call is one that happens multiple times a day at their dental practices.

A dental price shopper can be one of the trickiest phone calls for many front office staff members to handle with confidence.

For many new patients calling your practice, the simplest way for them to decide on where to receive a dental treatment is the price tag.

Educating patients on what makes your practice different, high-quality and worth a price is a large part of your front office staff’s responsibility.

Your staff needs to get a dental price shopper to come in for an appointment, but doing that without offering them the specific pricing information they want can be a challenge.

Looking for training scripts and techniques for your front office staff?

Control the conversation

Remember the goal is ALWAYS to get the caller to schedule an appointment.

No matter what question or objection the caller has, gently guide them back to understand coming in for an appointment is the best choice.

Educate The Patient

Try to avoid giving a price over the phone - instead, focus on educating the patient.

Help the patient understand that there are many variables that contribute to the price for a service (i.e. dental implant, crown, dentures, etc.)


If the patient keeps coming back to asking for a price, give them a range.


For Example: "The cost of dental implants varies because everyone’s mouth and needs are different, but in our practice, patients can expect a dental implant to cost between $1,500 and $3,000."

Always repeat that the best way for them to get an accurate price for their treatment is by scheduling a consultation with the doctor. This works particularly well if your practice is offering a free consultation or discount for that service.

If you don’t have a current special, express your willingness to work with the patient on financing options if they don’t have dental insurance.

Take Time To Practice

Role playing and practicing is the best way for your front office staff to feel comfortable handling price shoppers on the phone.

Make sure to give them time to practice so they can be confident in turning price shoppers into new patient appointments.


  • The goal is always to get the price shopper to schedule an appointment during the call.
  • Focus on educating the price shopper on why there isn’t always a clear price for a dental service.
  • Express sympathy, communicate that you understand that trying to afford a dental procedure and prepare financially can be stressful.
  • Always remember to mention specials, discounts, in-house financing, and free consultations. Make it clear that you are here to help them afford the dental care they need!

Looking for training scripts and techniques you can use to turn your front office staff into a goldmine for your dental practice?


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