How To Turn Your Front Office Staff Into A Goldmine For Your Dental Practice

We've worked with hundreds of dental practices over the years. Our team sees similar problems with dental front office training across every practice:

  • Under-trained dental front office staff
  • Missed patient calls
  • No phone tracking
  • Under-qualified dental front office staff
  • ...and more

Your dental front office staff are the people every new patient is seeing as the “face” of your practice. Investing in specific dental front office training scripts and techniques is always worth it.

With each patient potentially worth thousands of dollars to your business, dental practices need to invest the time and resources into hiring an ideal front office staff and providing targeted dental front office training.

woman with dark hair and glasses wearing black blazer working as a dental front office staff member on a computer completing dental front office training

How much of a goldmine is your dental front office staff? In this dental front office training post you’ll find insights and action plans you can use to avoid painfully common mistakes and provide the best dental front office training to your staff.

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Including 4 Dental Phone Scripts

Step 1: Research Your Competition

Go online and Google dental practices within a 5-10 mile radius of your practice. Put together a short list of the most successful practices, then grab a notepad and pen and take notes while you call each office.

Pay attention to the demeanor of the person who answers the phone, what words they use when greeting. Note whether they tried booking an appointment with you and what incentives they offer to potential new patients.

Knowing how well trained your competitor’s dental front office staff members are can help you identify where your own staff can improve with dental front office training.

Step 2: Adjust Your Hiring Practices

Every time you hold interviews, let it be known that you expect a process of continual improvement on the following skills:

  • Advanced phone training
  • Learning how to ask patients to leave online reviews to improve the dental practice's online reputation
  • Patient empathy and relationship-building
  • Contributing to the practice’s social media presence
  • Occasionally learning new software and/or phone systems
  • A basic understanding of dental procedures, treatments and the time it takes to complete them
  • Dental insurance plans (if your office takes them) and fees for treatment and procedures.

The best part of setting professional development and training as a requirement is that it gets employees agreeing to engage in these activities from the start. Your front staff members won't feel like any “extra” work is being asked of them.

Step 3: Create Dental Front Office Training Strategies & Scripts

No one likes to feel unprepared for a job they must do and answering the phone is the primary responsibility of your dental practice’s front office staff.

With that in mind, put standard rules in place and provide your dental front office staff with training scripts. Make sure you set aside time for employees to role play as patients so they can be confident in their new phone skills.

This will also give them a chance to ask any questions they have and help you head off common on-phone mistakes before they even happen.

Provide your staff with the scripts they need!
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Including 4 Dental Phone Scripts

The “Golden Rules” Of Phone-Answering

These are a few of our favorite easy tips you can give your dental front office staff members to help:

  • Always answer with a smile as it comes across in the telephone call.
  • Ask if you can put someone on hold before doing so.
  • Pick up the phone within 4 rings or the person will already be thinking about calling the next practice.
  • Avoid a monotone voice at all costs as it will bore people and lose their attention
  • Never eat or chew gum when on the phone
  • Don’t type, read or send text messages while on a call. Giving a patient your undivided attention is essential, especially when speaking to a potential patient!

Managing dental front office staff members can often feel daunting. Having a friendly, competent staff on hand to interact with patients is vital to your dental practice’s success and growth. Making sure your staff receives the best dental front office training will directly impact your practice's production and growth.

front office staff member talking to a patient while at the desk wearing scrubs after completing dental front office training

Keep in mind that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. That statement might be a cliche, but it still rings true! For most patients the first impression they have of your practice is your dental front office staff. Can you afford for them to have a negative experience if you don't make dental front office training a priority?

If patients feel comfortable and well-cared for while interacting with your dental front office staff, you’ll convert more to lifelong patients. Lifelong patients also continue to give you referrals for years to come.

Including 4 Dental Phone Scripts

This post was originally published in 2017 and has been updated to reflect the most recent staff training resources available.







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