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Does Your Dental Website Work?

Gastonia famiily dentistry dentist websites displayed on a computer monitor and mobile phoneThe only reason you need a dentist website is to attract new patients and schedule more appointments. Your website exists to drive new patient growth for your practice.

Yes, a website can also help current patients research dental procedures, leave online reviews, and log into a patient portal but those functions are all secondary to its #1 purpose - to motivate website visitors to call your practice and schedule an appointment.

Your dentist website should essentially pay for itself. It should be generating revenue for you consistently as a profit-driver. If it’s not driving new patients, revenue, and profit to your dental practice, then you need to find out why and fix it.

Your Dental Website Should Be Designed Attract The Patients You Want

Investing in a dental website designed to convert visitors to new patient appointments is one of the most profitable investments you can make for your practice. Your dental website really should pay for itself. It should be consistently generating revenue for your dental practice.

If your website isn’t driving new patients, revenue, and profit to your dental practice, then it might be time for a new website design. Your website is the key to getting the new patients you want because every form of advertising will eventually lead potential new patients to your website. Leads from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, online reviews, radio advertisements, word-of-mouth, and more will all try to find your practice online.

All Roads Lead to Your Dentist Website

Not All Dental Websites Are Created Equal

Everything we do when it comes to dental website design is created from the consumer’s perspective, or in this case the patient's perspective. You are not your customer, so you need to think "what would I need to see on this website if I were a patient?" At Firegang, we know the dental industry extremely well, so we have a pretty good idea of who your ideal customers are, and how to communicate with them online. That doesn’t stop us, however, from having detailed conversations with your staff to ensure that we capture every element of your practice’s best traits.

Once we fully understand who you are and what types of dental patients you’re looking to treat, we then design your site 100% based on those needs. For example, we will customize your website's pages to reflect your specialties, and tie in staff photos, custom content, and conversion optimized forms to make your site highly engaging to potential patients. These are all time-tested methods of driving in new patients.

Setting Your Practice Apart

Dentists often make the mistake of assuming if a visually “clean” or “modern” website with the latest design elements will get them all the patients they need. However, that simple isn’t true. Your website needs to be designed to convert visitors into new patient appointments, not just look pretty. To do this, we want to promote what makes your practice different from the 10, 20, 30 other practices in your area.

You want to avoid using highly generic language such as “we care for your smile” or “we provide the best dental experience”. Phrases like that don’t tell potential new patients anything about your practice or why they should choose you. Instead, think about the services and features you offer that new patients might value. Here are some great differentiators to market with your website:

  • Early morning/weekend appointments
  • Staff that speaks multiple languages
  • Same day services (such as dentures or crowns)
  • Financing options
  • Awards

Our Portfolio – Examples Of Firegang’s Client Websites

Below you’ll find some examples of our dental websites and the recent web design work we do for our clients. Click each thumbnail to enlarge.

Anchorage Midtown Dental dentist website design
Ballard Neighborhood Dentist example of dentist website design
Gastonia Family Dentistry's dentist website
Torghele Dentistry's dental website design example
Example of a Fort Wayne-based cosmetic dentist website design
Lockney Dental example of Firegang's dentist website design

Remember To Keep Your Dentist Website “New Patient Friendly”

Studies show that the average person searching online takes 15 seconds or less to decide whether or not a website they found is useful. Your dental website needs to be designed to immediately capture any potential new patient’s attention.

Make sure your dentist website is designed to give you the best chance of gaining a new patient every time someone visits your site.

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