Practice Growth Tips For The Busy Dentist #53

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5 Reasons High Overhead Costs Are Holding Your Dental Practice Back

High overhead is a common problem faced by many dentists. They spend all of their money to cover monthly expenses and don’t have much, if any, left over for practice updates, technology purchases, or retirement savings.

It’s a frustrating situation that keeps many dentists from reaching their full potential, and sometimes leads them to wonder if they might have to permanently close their doors.

Your Accountant May Be Wrong About New Technology

As dentists, we often ask our accountants for permission to buy something and take their advice in isolation, but this can be misleading. They have no idea what a Solea laser or other technology will do for your patients or revenues.

To them, it is simply an asset and a liability that they have to account for on your balance sheet. In this case, waiting to buy a Solea laser would have cost me a revenue increase of 60% in my first year.

How To Turn Dental Price Shoppers Into New Patients

According to our clients, this type of phone call is one that happens multiple times a day at their dental practices. A dental price shopper can be one of the trickiest phone calls for many front office staff members to handle with confidence.

However, price shopper phone calls can be some of the most important calls your practice gets.

Patient Communication In The Age of Information

While living in the so-called “information age” is fascinating since information has become an easily-available commodity that disseminates rapidly and extensively and makes patients more knowledgeable, we should not disregard or underestimate the inherent challenges that inevitably come with it.

Offering Savings, Value, And Convenience For Your Dental Patients Via An Online Products Store

Dentists and their staff members are always looking for ways to attract and retain patients. What makes patients come back to the office? Can the loss of patients be stopped? If so, what is the secret? Think outside of the box for a moment.

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