Prepare Your Practice To Succeed Using Facebook And Google Ads

Platforms like Facebook and Google have made online ads and adwords for dentists a part of our daily lives. You can harness this power to advertise your dental practice like never before.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads work differently, but what they have in common is that they can both target new dental patients and bring them in the doors of your practice.

Is My Practice Ready To Use Online Ads?

Before starting any type of online ads campaign, your dental practice’s website needs to be ready. Your website will be the focus of your online ad campaign, so be sure it is ready to attract the maximum amount of new patients.

3 Website Checkup Questions

Is my practice’s website new-patient-friendly? Being “new patient friendly” means that you need to look at your website through the eyes of a new patient.

Does your website answer any question a new patient could have? Are there simple and easy-to-find ways for patients to contact your office?

Does my website have current photos of me and my staff? It might seem like an unimportant feature, but research shows that new patients connect emotionally with current photos of their healthcare providers. So many potential patients have a fear of dentistry and seeing smiling faces on your website can put them at ease, increasing the likelihood of booking a new patient appointment.

Are there clear calls to action displayed? Is it easy for a new patient to contact your practice using your website? Calls to action belong on every page of your website, not just the home page. Make sure there is a web form displayed that allows patients to email your office or simply click on your phone number to call and speak to the front desk receptionist.

Ready To Jump Into Facebook Advertising?
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Once your website has passed it’s “checkup”, you should be ready to begin a marketing campaign using online ads.

3 Expert Tips To Use For Facebook Ad Campaigns



Set Your Budget First. Before jumping into creating a Facebook Ad, you need to be very clear on the details of your budget. If you’re getting into Facebook Ads for the first time, we recommend you start with a budget of $300 per month. However, make sure that Facebook Ads are just one piece of your overall marketing budget.

Focus On Mobile Only. Desktop display ads are fine, but mobile Facebook Ads make it so easy to target your ideal new patient. Click-through ratios are higher on mobile devices and the ads cost less. Mobile is definitely the way to go with Facebook Ads, especially if you’re new to the advertising platform.

Be Specific. While Google Ads for dentists focus on more general keyword targeting, Facebook Ads work best when you’re extremely specific about the audience you’re trying to reach. The more specific the better! This is the perfect tool to advertise services like dentures, Invisalign and dental implants. Facebook has a wealth of demographic data about its users and you can tap into that resource to better target your online ads campaign.

3 Expert Tips To Use For Google Ad Campaigns

Use Geotargeting. This is a simple, but important feature. There’s no point in creating an online ad if it isn’t being shown to people who can actually book an appointment at your practice. A good rule of thumb is to target patients within 5-10 miles of your practice. If you’re in a dense metropolitan area, start with 3-5 miles.

Constantly Evaluate Your Keywords. Google Ads need lots of monitoring and tweaking to make sure they stay effective. Schedule a monthly review to analyze which keywords are causing patients to click on your ads and which ones aren’t getting much of a response. Use that knowledge to update your keyword list each month.

Link Each Ad To A Specific Landing Page. You don’t want to link your Google Ads to the basic homepage of your website. The example below does a fantastic job of advertising the dental practice, a specific service and a link to the webpage detailing that service.

Is your practice ready to jump into online advertising with Facebook or Google? Let us optimize your current marketing plan and get new patients in the door to your dental practice.

Ready To Jump Into Facebook Advertising?
CLICK HERE To Access A FREE Guide We Created Just For You!



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