Mobile Marketing Strategies That’ll Transform Your Dental Practice This Year

With some 60% of potential new patients using their mobile devices to find your dental practice, it is obvious that a great mobile website is crucial to your practice’s ongoing success.

But a phenomenal mobile website is only one part of the equation.

Here are two additional mobile marketing strategies to significantly increase conversions and boost revenue:

Mobile Ads

Many dental practices now realize the power of running ads on Google. However, many opt to run ads on desktop devices and not mobile devices. As such, now is a fantastic time to take advantage of mobile advertising before the competition catches on.

Mobile advertising is extremely effective. For example, mobile technology allows you to hyper-target your ideal patient’s location based on the GPS from their phone. This ads an additional element to targeting and marketing that is simply not available with a desktop computer.

It’s also important to note that mobile users can search for your dental practice in both the Google Search App and the Google Maps App.

In the Google Search App, most advertisements do not even look like ads. In fact, you won’t see those dental practices that show up on the first page of Google until you scroll down past the map and the ads.


Love it or hate it, Yelp is a powerful platform that cannot be ignored. Potential patients are increasingly engaging on Yelp, especially on their mobile devices. What’s more, the majority of Yelp users are high-end earners—meaning they are looking for those high-end dental procedures that all dentists would like to perform more of.

We have found an extremely high return on investment from Yelp Advertisements with our clients. Similar to Google Ads, when you advertise on Yelp, your listing shows up before all other search results. That means more visibility in front of highly targeted new patients.

It’s also worth noting that Yelp ranks very high in Google. So even if your dental website doesn't yet rank on Google’s first page, you still have the potential to be found by searchers right away when they click on Yelp in their search results.

You can hire Yelp to run your ads for you, but for optimal return on investment, we advise dentists to hire a marketing company to do so (or learn how to effectively run their ads themselves.)

To fully optimize your Yelp profile for success on mobile searches, remember to:

  • Use target keywords you would like to be found for in your Yelp profile
  • Get to five Yelp reviews as soon as possible

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