This Brand New Marketing Method Creates High Demand for Implants (At Any Time of Year, In Any Economy)

Whether your calendar is full of appointments right now, or the demand is already starting to slow down, you are probably trying to attract new patients for general dentistry services. However, there is one group of patients that are currently producing overwhelmingly positive results for our clients: implant patients. These patients have become the foundation for many of our clients’ practices and helped them not only survive the COVID-19 closures, but grow through them.

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With uncertainty looming (Will dental practices stay open? Will there be a second wave of COVID-19 closures?), you need to invest in marketing efforts that produce consistent results that will overcome any future closures, the “slow season,” and even economic downturns. Our Advanced Implant Funnel can achieve all of that for you and your practice, but first, you need to learn The 3 Secrets of Implant Funnels, click below to watch Ryan Menacho explain…


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With our brand-new Advanced Implant Funnel achieving those 3 Secrets, our clients have been able to find, qualify, and book high-quality new implant patients (even during the COVID-19 closures) with little-to-no effort. This marketing method has overcome and outlasted every change in the dental industry and the economy. Best of all, this method works for general dentists, implant specialists, periodontists, and so will work for you.

The Inception of the Advanced Implant Funnel

When one of our clients came to us with the idea to prioritize implant patients over every other service, we built a marketing funnel that leveraged education and differentiation to attract more new implant patients. After all, implants are a high-consideration purchase for patients, and they need more information and time to decide.

We started seeing a flood of new patient leads, which showed us this method was working. However, the mass amounts of new patients overwhelmed the front office staff, so we created steps that qualify patients, ensuring only those ready and willing for treatment were reaching the front office and booking an appointment. This saved the entire staff time and effort; they were able to see high-quality implant patients instead of sorting through a pile of leads to find the diamond in the rough. What we didn’t expect, was that the Advanced Implant Funnel would steadily produce those same results, even when the entire dental industry changed...

Creating Demand During the Closures

When the first wave of COVID-19 closures hit, every dentist was focused on booking emergency procedures. When we mentioned implants, one of our clients explained how implant cases can become emergency cases. After all, if a patient cannot eat, that is an emergency. With our qualification process in the Advanced Implant Funnel, we are able to see the reason a patient was requesting implants. Take a look at this patient’s answer below, to see an instance where implants became an emergency:

But we discovered that these were not just one-time instances. In fact, this dentist decided to keep their Advanced Implant Funnel running during the closures and found that during the closures, 40 implant patients needed help, with approx. 50% of cases considered emergencies (broken teeth, can’t eat, trouble chewing, etc.). This doctor booked 14 implant appointments during the closures, and even collected revenue from several 5-figure implant cases during that time. Imagine, during the closures, collecting implant revenue to secure your practice’s future...

If the Advanced Implant Funnel can create demand for implants and book high-quality patients during the COVID-19 closures, we believe it can achieve the same results at any time of year, in any economy.

With talk of a second wave of closures on the way, we want to help every dentist secure their practice's future by performing services that help patients gain their livelihood back. We watched the closures take control away from dentists across the nation. With the Advanced Implant Funnel, you will be able to perform more procedures that you love year-round, and, in times when you need revenue, you will no longer rely on low-quality, one-time emergency patients to stay afloat. 

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