How 1 Dentist is Thriving During COVID-19 Closures, While Another Tries to Survive

We have two clients in similar areas that are seeing very different results right now, due to the closures. These two dentists have the same restrictions on appointments, but one dentist is absolutely crushing it, generating revenue right now from emergencies AND and stacking high-ticket appointments (even implants…) for the future. The other is not making any new revenue, or booking any patients...

I’m going to share the entire story of these dentists that lead them to their current situations, and reveal how you can see the same, positive results the first dentist is seeing.

These dentists exist in the same exact city, but far enough apart that they don't overlap with one another. What this means is, they are essentially operating in the same market. In this particular case, the marketing product in question is our Implant Funnel. After months of running their respective Implant Funnels, the conversion rates for both practices have been nearly identical....until the closures.

When this city was beginning to shut down, one of these clients, we’ll call them Client Pause, came to us and asked us to pause all advertising. They were laying off all of their staff and closing their office. We explained that they would still be able to see patients for emergencies, but this practice was in a state of fear, and there was little that we could say to change their mind.

On the other end of this spectrum, the other client, we’ll call them Client Continue, asked us what marketing we recommended during the closures. Our advice was that practices should continue to market for services they could still offer. This left us with two services to market: emergencies (which this practice, with our help, added to their marketing), and implants. 

In the case of implants, many patients are reaching out to say that they are in pain, or that they can’t eat, or they have lost their dentures entirely, and need something more permanent. If someone is in pain, or they can’t eat without a solution we can provide, then that is an emergency situation, even if that solution is implants.

But, what about the patients that aren’t in pain? Well, if you look around, most offices are entirely closed, they’ve turned off their marketing, and if someone is looking for anything implant-related, the options are slim to none. These patients are still at risk of pain, and declining into an emergency situation, which further emphasized the need to continue marketing implant services.

When we sat down with Client Continue, we explained that right now, advertising was the cheapest we’d seen in years. Furthermore, through the use of teledental options that we would be able to set up for them, they would be able to discuss short term and long term options with these patients, and either be able to help them now, or in the future when things opened back up. Remember, it’s far less expensive to attract new patients, and we could start building these relationships now for when everything opens back up. There is no risk of those patients going anywhere else in the meantime, as everyone else was limited by what services they could provide during this time.

As we fast forward a month or so now, we’re able to better assess the data. Client Pause has been fully shut down this entire time, while Client Continue, continues to market. Let’s look at the results...


As you can see from the images above, Client Continue is getting a steady flow of high-value new patients. Out of those 14 appointments booked, several have already been treated and paid for their implants.

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Let’s look at the patients' situations and issues... When patients come through our implant funnel, we ask them about what issues they’re having now to know what we’re dealing with. Here are just some examples of what they’re telling us...

Separately from this, Client Continue also began to market emergencies (per our recommendation). As a result, they’ve seen a significant number of patients from this as well.

When you look at the mindset of Client Continue, they are looking at how they can leverage the next 8 weeks to their advantage.

When we look back at 2008, we saw the practices that didn’t market themselves during the early stages of the recession were down by nearly 39% for the following 6 months. 

Even here, in this instance with Clients Pause and Continue, there is a mindset and a fundamental difference in approach. During this shutdown, Client Pause is making nothing, building zero additional patient base, and will be significantly behind when we’re coming out of this. Client Continue is making money, has stacked their list of implant leads, and will increase their market share.

Finally, I want to share with you a visual that we often cover with prospective clients of ours... It’s what we refer to as a “futures model”... It’s about 9 minutes, and our Director of Sales & Marketing, Ryan Menacho, will explain it here….


Times like this are challenging, we get it. However, it’s the action we take during challenging times that we’ll be remembered for. 

With that said, what type of practice do you want to have in the coming months to years? There are lessons to be learned here….

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