Practice Growth Tips For The Busy Dentist #55

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The 10 Most Useful Apps For Dentists

The apps listed here are not only easy to use, but most of them are completely free. These versatile apps will help dentists stay connected with their patients and staff, help patients achieve better oral health outcomes, help dentists gain access to office files and documents, boost the practice’s social media marketing to the next level, and help dentists reach their professional reading goals.

Help Patients Talk About What They Don’t Want To Talk About

Overcoming the dreaded response of “I’ll think about it” in case presentation is a skill that most dentists and teams wish they possessed. The good news is that they can—with the right communication skills.

The first step is gaining an understanding of what is getting in the way of a person saying yes to treatment.

Dental Marketing Strategies - Is Your Practice Invisible?

The phone just isn't ringing enough. If you look for a dentist online, my practice doesn't show up. We roll out the red carpet for our patients, if we could just get more in the door, I know we could keep them.

Do any of those concerns sound familiar?

You're not alone. We hear a version of these statements from nearly every dentist who comes to us for help with dental marketing. They feel like their practice is "invisible" and they're just not showing up.

7 Tips For Being An A-List Specialist

How do some specialists become “A-List Specialists”? What do they do that the other specialist doesn't? As someone who is continually trying to become an A-List Specialist, I thought I would share some tips that might be helpful.

Should New Dentists Work For A DSO Or Private Practice?

Corporations and small businesses are close to polar opposites of each other. Corporations have numerous rules and regulations that don’t always cater to flexibility, while small businesses come with a great deal of freedom, but a great deal of responsibility as well.

Dentistry is no exception. New dentists must often choose between working for a dental service organization (DSO) and a private practice.

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