Practice Growth Tips For The Busy Dentist #54

Thanks to DentistryIQSpear Education, and The ADA for sharing information included in these articles and blog posts.

Treat Every Dental Patient Like A New Patient Every Time

Dental teams focus much of their efforts and attention on new patients. This is like when you meet a new friend, you’re excited about getting to know the person and you want to let the person know you value the friendship.

If things click, you want the person to know you’d like the relationship to be long-term. But as time goes on and the relationship becomes comfortable, the effort, energy, and enthusiasm invested to impress can decrease.

ADA Curriculum Helps Dentist Spearhead Dental Literacy Program

The ADA program helps young children develop good dental health habits that can last a lifetime, according to, the ADA’s consumer website.

The program helps children understand the importance of their teeth; provide basic information, appropriate to their age and experience, about keeping teeth clean and healthy; and introduces the dentist as a friendly doctor who helps them take care of their teeth.

Is Now The Time To Start Your Own Dental Practice?

Most dental professionals start out as an associate working for someone else with an established practice. For some, this step lasts just a few years, and for others, it’s their whole career.

If your goal is to have your own practice someday, you should jump on the opportunity as soon as you feel confident in your clinical abilities. The litmus test here is how confident you feel with executing the clinical aspects of running your own practice.

Overcoming Failure In Order To Succeed

It’s unfortunate that so many work environments have a culture of perfection, with a belief that failure and any deficient work is unacceptable.

This often leads to unwarranted stress and dread in the workplace, which can lead to smokescreens, finger-pointing, and the blame game. Some people are able to thrive in such a setting, but most are not.

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