Practice Growth Tips For The Busy Dentist #42

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3 Ways To Win With Dental Insurance

Dealing with dental insurance is a daily reality for most dental practices. Unfortunately, dental practices have had confusing approaches to dental insurance since its inception. Many still view it as entirely the patient’s responsibility, and I can understand why. It’s confusing and no fun to navigate. But if you take the time to lead your patients through their insurance, you’ll be helping both them and your practice.

Hearing Loss In the Dental Practice: What's the Real Risk?

I’ve heard some dentists older than I am mention the importance of protecting our hearing early on. Human nature usually has us addressing a problem when it’s already a problem, not beforehand; we see that every day with our own patients. When it comes to our hearing though, what are the real risk factors in dentistry? How important is it for us to protect ourselves early on?

Pricing Dental Implants

In today’s society, dental implants have become the standard of care and the top choice for tooth replacement. Skills training for dental implant placement is available through a myriad of institutes and organizations. Doctors feel confident in their dental implant clinical skills. Yet, for many, pricing dental implants remains a challenge. In this article, we will look at considerations for pricing dental implants.

PPC For Dentists: The Key To Get The New Patients You Need

Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are one of the most effective methods for driving heavy amounts of targeted traffic to your website. By using best practices, PPC ads will put your dental practice in front of potential patients when those individuals search for dentists and dental services in your area.

Name Two Critical Components of Your Ultimate Practice Strategy

Register for this webcast course and learn the essential building blocks for dental practice excellence: Patient Satisfaction, Treatment Plan Acceptance, Patient Financing and Maximizing Collectible Revenue. Why settle for less? Create a winning strategy and implement the steps to achieve it.

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