Practice Growth Tips For The Busy Dentist #30

We found some great online articles showcasing practice growth tips for dentists and wanted to pass them along. We know you’re busy, so this is the “best of the best”. Thanks to DentistryIQ, Dental Economics, Dentaltown and Spear Education for sharing information included in these articles.

The Importance Of Keeping Those New Dental Patients

How many new patients does the average dental practice see in a month? I looked back at seven years of data points that Sikka Software has collected from close to 13,000 practices across the United States.

Always Be Reflecting On Your Weaknesses And Growth

My 91-year-old grandmother made a New Years’ resolution to “be more kind.” This is a bold statement that also applies to evidence-based dental research for two reasons, which I’ll lay out here.

Do You Know The Lifetime Value Of Your Dental Patients?

Your patients are your most valuable asset. But it’s not just the number of new patients your dentistry practice brings in that matters—it’s the total profit that those patients deliver over time that can make or break your business.

The 48 Hour Rule For New Patients

A potential new patient calls the practice. They found you in an online search, or saw an ad for a procedure you do, or heard about you from a friend. They would like to make an appointment. What do you do?

Howard Speaks: Getting More Out of Dentistry

As I mentioned last month, there are only three ways to increase your dental business: Acquire new patients, upsell a current customer, or get your current customers to buy more frequently.

This month, we’ll focus on the third option—specifically, why it’s so important that you and your staff are able to discuss money with customers—and the mindset required to make that happen.

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