Power of the Practice Growth Acceleration Call | A Valuable and Unbiased Perspective

A Valuable and Unbiased Perspective

A few years ago, researchers asked the 75 members of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Council to name the most important capability for leaders to develop. They all agreed the answer was self-awareness.

Most likely, you are extremely self-aware when it comes to your role as a dentist. You have spent years studying, nurturing your craft, identifying your weaknesses and meticulously finding ways to improve them, constantly gaining more knowledge.

But how much self-awareness do you possess when it comes to the methods that you are marketing your practice?

I’m sure you’ve heard some version of the idiom, he or she is “standing so close to the trees that they can’t see the forest.” Well, that’s the modern translation from a Renaissance proverb collection first published in 1546. 

Imagine if someone is standing with their face right up against a majestic redwood tree… to the point where all they can see is a closeup of an enormous trunk. From that vantage point, it’s impossible for them to have the same perspective as someone who is standing ten feet back from that trunk and can clearly see the extraordinary and expansive Redwood Forest – of which that particular tree is only one part. 

But even in the old days, the wisest people knew that a person simply could not see the big picture if they were focused too much on the details.


How does this relate to your dental practice? Well, you are biased towards your business methods whether you realize it or not. A fresh set of eyes and an unbiased take is what your practice needs to flourish in this constantly evolving world.

It is usually impossible to have a fully clear and accurate perspective on something that you’re too close to. If you take that a step further, it’s even more unlikely that you’ll have a clear and accurate perspective on something you’re emotionally connected to.

When you find yourself in this situation, an outside perspective from an organization with an extensive track record of successful practice growth is invaluable.

We Provide That Expert Perspective

The first step to getting past your pesky bias is to set up a free Practice Growth Acceleration Call with Firegang. We will provide you with an unemotional critique of what you are doing wrong with the marketing of your practice as well as provide easily implementable solutions. 

Click here if you are ready for our expert, unbiased perspective on the marketing of your practice. Schedule your Practice Growth Acceleration Call today.

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