Is Your Practice Ready To Win The Battle Against Corporates?

Take a look at your local neighborhood. How many miles away is your practice from the nearest corporate dental office? Chances are, it’s not that far. The corporate dental industry is growing quickly, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The key to being able to compete with corporates is online dental marketing.

While it’s easy to associate corporate practices as dental mills with poor quality service, the truth is that corporate dental practices are receiving increasing amounts of private funding, along with new dental graduates eager to practice dentistry without the stress of running a practice.

All of this means that the dental industry is growing increasingly competitive, with many individual practices feeling the need to drive down prices just to stay alive.

However, there is GOOD news for your practice...

It is still possible for solo dental practices to fight and win against great competitive pressures!

The key is to understand corporate dentistry's strengths and weaknesses so we can tap into opportunity and execute a marketing strategy guaranteed to win against corporate pressures.

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Understanding Where Corporate Practices Excel

The majority of potential high-quality patients don’t intrinsically understand the difference between the various dental practices available to them. It is our job to educate patients and let them know what sets your practice apart from the rest. This is where big corporates excel.

Corporate dental practices intimately understand the value of aggressive online dental marketing. Often corporate practices have much larger marketing budgets than the average dentist, and they don’t hesitate to educate patients in a way that shines a positive light on the corporate dental industry.

For example, corporate dental practices are advertising their competitive pricing and convenient hours: two important factors in choosing a dental practice.

However, as we know, there is a lot more that goes into why a new patient chooses a dentist than pricing and hours alone. How is the quality of care? What level of personalization do patients receive? These are the questions your practice needs to answer. To successfully compete against corporates, we need to make it crystal-clear to potential patients why your dental office is the obvious choice.

There are specific groundbreaking strategies we can use to market your practice and win against corporates.

But first, let’s look at corporate dentistry's weaknesses so we can better understand what fantastic opportunities are available to solo dental practices when it comes to online dental marketing.

Understanding Where Corporates Are Weak & Where Solo Practices Can Win!

You already understand that dentistry is not a commodity. There are many differences between dental practices that determine whether or not they are a five-star facility. The quality of care, technical skills, customer service and office facilities are just a few of the factors that come into play.

What is it that sets your dental practice apart from the rest? This is what we need to make painstakingly clear to new patients.

It’s tough for big corporate practices to create any level of personalization in their brand, which is why their websites all seem a bit “cookie cutter”.


Their websites all look the same regardless of office location. There is little to no information about the doctors and staff on their websites. Online reviews are lackluster, proving that patients are not completely satisfied with their services.

What’s more, corporate practices are so big and extensive that it is impossible to implement new marketing strategies across all of their offices. These are all opportunities for solo-dental practices to shine.

Now that you understand the strengths and weaknesses of corporates, it’s possible to create an effective marketing strategy that makes your solo practice the obvious winner in the competition against corporates.

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3 Powerful Ways To Compete Against Corporates

Original post was published 04/05/2016 and has been updated to include the latest information and our BRAND NEW guide for 2017.









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