Winter is Coming | Your Timeline to Dominating Dentist

You have a great practice, and you know it. But, if you are moving at a different pace than your competition or getting in your own way of success, let's talk about how we can help!

"Set yourself up for success by getting organized, creating a plan, and staying focused on growing."

Make decisions faster than your competitors. When it comes to dentistry, a Dominating Dentist decides quickly, not only because they are decisive but also because they know that making decisions fast allows them to act even faster. To be an industry leader, you must complete the right choices at crucial moments.

As a future-focused dentist, you understand that your choices today will impact your practice in 3, 5, and 10 years. If you plan to change your practice, remember that delaying that change by even a day or week may mean the difference between having made it at all. However, each tidbit of advice found in the rest of this booklet will arm you with the actions needed to forge a dominating dental practitioner.

Your clinical activities, while they may seem insignificant, are significant. Note the days and times of your At-Risk Dominating or Searching Days and ask yourself how those days affected your dental productivity and how much it affected patient care.

What A Future-Focused Mindset Looks Like!

A dentist with a future-focused mindset sees the line from his current situation to possible problems in the far future and is well aware that taking action today can improve tomorrow. A dentist who "thinks" rather than "does" will be more successful than one who can get caught up in practice management and not focus on what is most important!

The reality of a future downturn is based on how you practice business today. If quality is not a top priority and you operate in an environment that promotes indifference, it will be difficult to turn things around before the downward trajectory begins.

The Drift timeline at risk allowed the practice to stay focused on its goals and what it wanted its practice to be or envision. They followed The Drift timeline at risk and therefore made no changes during the period, which would have led them to take risks with their practice. For example, a dentist who sees their competition consistently draw away ideal patients from them may choose to do nothing and become invisible to these people.

The At-Risk curve is similar to The Drift but tends to remain static rather than drop quickly. Before making any decisions for your practice, research what other people in your market are doing. Always be defensive and reactionary: this timeline will only result in a struggling situation as your future reality.

The bottom line is an exponential timeline that shows how your future reality will dominate as a dental professional, ideally within 24-36 months. You consistently take the proper steps to achieve your goals at the right time. The key to riding this exponential timeline towards phenomenal results is abandoning hesitation; the key to achieving this massive success is abandoning reluctance, investing money in your practice, and committing to your growth.

Rules are rules! All players begin with a line on the timeline of their lives, and all players live and die by that rule: "You can only move forward in time."

How Does Your Dominating Timeline Work?

How dominating? The answer is: take action NOW. Commit to applying what you're learning here and bring your practice into a version of its life that feels thrilling and wonderful! This will set you up for success.

Your goal should be to start and complete the necessary cultural, structural, and technological changes required for your practice to progress as fast as possible. This means that instead of worrying about getting back on track in 12, 24. or 36 months, you can move from capital growth towards Dominating by consistently applying the necessary changes for your practice for the next 12-36 months.

Is it time to take action? Are you still in the early stages of your career or nearing retirement? How long should you wait before implementing a new marketing strategy?

Don't overthink it. Bring your business to the next level with new marketing where Firegang can tailor a strategy to your specific needs, stage of business, and resources!             

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