Winter is Coming | Finding Your "Why"

Finding Your “Why”

The WHY of Dental Marketing is a question of utmost importance!

We are here to answer your questions about WHAT IFS and WHYS… let us walk you through the situation of our case study for Dr. C!

Dr. Josh Cochran made a list of twenty items he needed from his marketing partner, including responsiveness, accountability, and innovation.

After spending six years building his dental practice, Dr. C had a clear vision to expand it. While his first year as an entrepreneur was rocky, and he encountered setbacks, he managed to scrape by. He thought: What have I gotten myself into?

Dr. C worked hard and persevered to achieve his dream of building a practice that would better s, serve his patients, team members, and himself. Dr. C needed help to expand his practice while keeping it rooted in its values. So, he brought on another business expert for the job!

He needed a marketing strategy that would help him reach new patients and increase revenue. In his list of twenty requirements for a marketing partner, Dr. C included the need to have an entire strategy in place: ads and social media campaigns as well special offers or coaching programs. The doctor wanted to devise a plan that would optimize spending and tracking.

To ensure that his business received the full impact of its marketing efforts, a step needed to know how each action contributed to the bottom line. He wanted a monthly report with specific key performance indicators (KPIs), so he could easily see what the company needed to do next. For over a year, Dr. C searched for the perfect marketing strategy to help his practice grow even more successfully.

 For months, Dr. C had been looking for a new marketing partner, but he refused to settle for anything less than what he needed: strategies that addressed ALL of his needs and concerns. After looking for a marketing agency that would help him keep existing patients happy and attract new ones, Dr. C got in touch with the CEO of Spokane-based Firegang Dental Market. Washington specializes in creating marketing strategies.

The next question that comes to mind is, “How To Define Your Remarkable and Rewarding Practice.”

Most dentists define "remarkable" as being known positively for your services in your market. Another dentist suggested that if a practice were remarkable, people would know about it—otherwise, it wasn't impressive. Everyone agreed with this definition and felt it uniquely described their practice's reputation.

But when I asked different dentists to define what a rewarding practice means, each one gave me a different answer. The practice was an excellent opportunity for one doctor to hire more associates and eventually step down from practicing dentistry entirely to focus on managing the business side.

Another doctor said she could focus on implant procedures without overseeing all other aspects of her practice, which allowed her to get more rest. Some doctors view seeing as many patients as possible, regardless of what services are given, as their primary goal. Another dentist said that making money from selling cough drops to generate revenue for opening new locations was her idea of "rewarding"!

A dentist said that it made her feel proud to help people every day and be able to retire early. Dentists have different definitions of "reward," but the most rewarding practices often include concrete and abstract goals.

For example, you could get so many customers that each appointment earns more. By increasing the number of patients, you see or expanding your skill set, you'll be able to boost your income and feel less stressed about finances. You will use this strategy, in its entirety, to create a type of practice that is rewarding for both you and your partner.

In my interviews, all of the dentists I talked and agreed to one thing: for a practice to be remarkable, it needs a goal or purpose that is clearly defined. The dentists' responses revealed a variety of personal motivations for choosing their profession. To attract more implant patients, establish your practice as the best option in your area.

To attract more pediatric patients, you can make a name for yourself among parents in your market by treating children exceptionally well. This will result in more of them making appointments at your practice. To attract more patients for your general dentistry practice, become known for providing exceptional care and attention to all your patients! 

Every dentist wants to offer their patients the best experience possible. As a modern practice, it is essential to have the latest technology to provide your patients with an experience unlike any other. Dr. C was designed with the contemporary dentist in mind, with advanced software to make your practice more efficient and effective. Stop thinking about the future of your practice and take action now!

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