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What You Get From Firegang’s The Practice Growth Acceleration Call

If you’ve been following our five part blog series, you’ve been with us to break down the different elements that come together for ultimate growth in your practice. To recap, here are the fundamentals we discussed earlier:

  1. Simply building it is not enough. “If you build it – and you market it correctly – they will come.” 
  2. How do you define practice growth? You need to figure out what the right kind of growth is for your practice. 
  3. You need an outside, unbiased perspective on how you are doing things. 
  4. The right kind of expertise in the specificities of targeted growth through marketing is essential.

All of these avenues take us to our offering of a free Practice Growth Acceleration Call. In today’s blog, we will illustrate what a free Practice Growth Acceleration Call will do for your practice. If you’ve made it this far, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What Does a Practice Growth Acceleration Call Look Like?

First and foremost, this is not a sales call. This entire call is directed towards eliminating the guesswork you are facing with marketing your practice and your ROI.

Your Practice Growth Director will already know a great deal about your market, demographics, and your competitive landscape. The entire focus of this call will be all about you and your practice growth goals, and the issues you’ve identified as the reason for scheduling your call in the first place:  either things aren’t working well enough – or they’re working well, but need to be better to meet your goals.

The Best 30 Minutes You Can Invest This Month

Typically, your Practice Growth Acceleration Call will last 30-45 minutes or so depending on questions you may have. 

This call will bring you exceptional clarity and value – as well as give you a visual, clearly established strategy for growing your practice – the right way – and identify the most impactful levers to pull to grow your practice.

By the end of the call, we’ll also have a good idea of whether we can come alongside you to drive your growth as your marketing partner. This is the best 30 minutes you can invest this month.

A Solid Plan From The Experts

At the end of the call and once you have your plan, if you’d like to know what it would look like to work with Firegang, we’ll schedule a separate call and then our team will begin deep-diving on analyzing your market, competitors, and the information you’ve provided us to craft the very best possible solution for you.

With our targeted research, combined with almost two decades of dental practice growth experience, we will present a custom Practice Growth Acceleration Plan that will be systematically implementable as soon as you’re ready.

Firegang is the most tenured, most successful dental marketing company in the United States in terms of driving desired results, growth, and ROI for thousands of dentists we’ve worked with since the early 2000s. There really isn’t a situation in a dental practice’s journey that we haven’t witnessed, encountered and overcome obstacles for, and pulled the right levers that enabled the practice to experienced tremendous growth. The right kind of growth.  

Whether your staff is not converting patients on the phone or your practice is not even showing up on Google Maps, many fixes could grow your practice in a very short time. The first step to uncovering these issues is to schedule a complimentary 30-minute Growth Acceleration Call with Firegang.

Click here if you are ready for our expert, unbiased perspective on the marketing of your practice. Schedule your Practice Growth Acceleration Call today.

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