Weekly Roundup: Digital News Every Dentist Needs To Know - September 25

The Weekly Roundup is out! Read on for a quick rundown on the most important digital news every dentist needs to know. From marketing tips and innovation to research and customer relations, here’s what you need to know this week:

weekly roundup

1. The Cutting-Edge New Patient Strategy That 99.9% Of Dentists Are Missing

Ready to scale production and get more of those high-value patients that all dentists love? Then it’s time to learn about a cutting-edge new patient strategy that no other dentists are taking advantage of. Discover the details in our exclusive guest post for Dental Practice Management.

2. How To Setup Video Appointments For Your Practice

Have you considered the personalization of video calls to set up appointments with your patients? This post by Denteractive explains how it’s quickly and easily done.

3. A Friendly Dentist’s Way Of Improving Patient Experience

With so many people avoiding a dental appointment because of a bad experience or fear of the unknown, it’s important to emphasize creating a friendly environment for your patients. This post summarizes how to do it.

4. Time Is Money: Optimize Your Online Ad Campaign For Specific Days And Hours

If you want to optimize your marketing budget—and stop wasting money—it’s crucial to know the specific times when your leads are finding your dental practice. This post explains how to start optimizing your ad campaigns for more new patients with less money.

5. Vine And Instagram To Promote Your Instagram Practice? Yes!

Is your practice utilizing the power of social media, specifically Instagram and Vine, to authentically engage with new patients? If not, you could be missing out on serious potential profit. Learn more about these social media networks in this post.

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