Case Study - The Story of Seven Hills Dentistry

ALL NUMBERS UP: 80% Call conversion rate giving the practice an increase in production by 53%.

The Story of Seven Hills Dentistry

Dr. Ron Hassanzadeh was ready to take his practice to the next level. He was curious to see what could take him to the next level in the general dentistry world but he also wanted to add marketing for orthodontics. At that time, a good month for him would be about 100 new patients per month and he was relying on word of mouth to do so. He was also doing mailers that were relatively effective.

INTRO TO FIREGANG DENTAL MARKETING: On one fateful day, Dr. Ron Hassanzadeh was having a discussion with colleagues in a private Facebook group and that’s when Dr. Josh Cochran of Spokane, Washington told him about Firegang Dental Marketing. The accelerated growth that Dr. C had experienced working with Firegang was unprecedented, unparalleled and downright amazing. Dr. Ron was listening intently. He had worked with 5 or 6 marketing companies in the past. He had experienced some that were low cost and weren’t successful and he had experienced some that were highly expensive and not effective. Firegang Dental Marketing was obviously not one of those companies. Dr. Ron was compelled to learn more.

On March 3rd, 2021, Dr. Ron Hassanzadeh had his Practice Acceleration Growth call with our team. He wanted to know the potential for explosive growth. He confirmed with us that he was not in a saturated market and the community was growing. However, his current strategy would not get him to his goals. Luckily, since he decided to have his Practice Acceleration Growth Call with us that day, he was in the right hands. Before the call, we had already done extensive research on his market and we became in alignment quickly. In just 30 minutes the wheels started turning and a plan was set in motion.

THE FLAME WAS IGNITED: Dr. Ron Hassanzadeh signed up for our Practice 360° package as well as our Advanced Implant Funnel package. He would soon be experiencing the type of practice growth that our other clients have experienced.

GOALS: Dr. Ron had a clear idea of what kind of growth he was looking to achieve. He owned a central practice that was associate driven. It was a full range “bread and butter” dentistry plus implant procedures. He was interested in finding out how he could market implants in layman’s terms. The practice was getting about 100 new patients per month and Dr. Ron’s goal was to ramp that up to at least 150 new patients (if not higher). Aside from his general dentistry aspirations, he also wanted to do marketing for implants and orthodontics.

CHALLENGES: Before Firegang came into the picture, Seven Hills Dentistry was not savvy in the digital world. As mentioned earlier, Dr. Ron was relying mainly on word of mouth and physical mailers to drive new patients in. His staff was doing below average on the phones when it came to patient conversion. Dr. Ron was even doing his own call auditing on the weekends. He didn’t have time to analyze the numbers.

SOLUTIONS: Firegang’s first plan of attack was to revamp the Seven Hills Dentistry website for the sole purpose of new patient conversion. Yes the website would be attractive and pleasing to use, but the design and placement of everything would be strategic in order to get new patients to go ahead and book an appointment. With the website optimized into a patient conversion machine, our experts would then completely optimize the website and Google Ads to drive the right traffic to the website.

The Seven Hills Dentistry website was revamped to maximize new patient conversion. A client testimonial video was shot and is featured up front and center. The video shows what makes Seven Hills Dentistry different and showcases its office and specialized equipment. New visitors to the website are immediately introduced to Dr. Ron’s personality and his values.

RESULTS: The results Dr. Ron Hassanzadeh has experienced with Firegang in a little over a year have been phenomenal. Their new patients per month numbers have consistently stayed above their goal of 150. A lot of their new traffic is from their optimized Google Ads and Google My Business.

Dr. Ron took advantage of Firegang’s Call Auditing service and has experienced explosive growth in call conversion. The office is doing a fantastic job with an 80% Call Conversion Rate. Impressively, the practice has seen an increase in Production by 53%.

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