Survive to Thrive: How to Generate Immediate Revenue, Increase Your Patient Base, and Come Out Stronger

Survive to Thrive: How to Generate Immediate Revenue, Increase Your Patient Base, and Come Out Stronger

These past few weeks have been packed with change and uncertainty. Many dentists are still not sure what is the right action to take right now: where to invest their money, where to cut costs, or what the next best move might be. We built an action plan for our clients to generate immediate revenue and increase their patient base, and after seeing the massive results, we wanted to share this plan with as many dentists as possible. Our Director of Sales & Marketing, Ryan Menacho, hosted a Masterclass to share these strategies, tactics, and the results to help dentists embrace the opportunity right now, and come out of this situation stronger.

Here's what doctors have been saying about the Masterclass:

"I was impressed with how you communicated exactly how all this should be done." - Dr. Feldman

"Thank you so much! The webinar was so good because it made me think about actually having a plan, and I never would have thought about ramping up." - Dr. Meachum

"Thank you for doing this. It was informative, and I appreciated it." - Dr. McLain


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Survive to Thrive

Most dentists are just trying to survive right now, and can only think as far as the next few weeks. But the choices dentists make in these next few weeks will dictate what happens to their practice after they survive. For some dentists, recovering from these closures will take years, and it may be a while before they see the new patient numbers they just saw in January and February, before the closures. The dentists that use their time right now to position for prosperity, will survive the closures, come out of this stronger and thrive in the years to come. 

Embrace the Opportunity

A few weeks ago, you were most likely competing with many dental practices in your area for new patients. Let’s say there are normally 15 practices open in your area. Today, with COVID-19 closures, if a patient searches for a new dentist, they may only see 3 practices available of those 15. These 3 practices that are advertising and maintaining an online presence will book the patients that are looking right now. The dentists that embrace this opportunity and change in the market by utilizing strategic marketing, will capture more emergency patients right now and eventually, when doors re-open, most of the patients that will flood the market with cosmetic, implant, and hygiene needs.

Run Emergency Ads

The first group of patients that dentists need to market to are emergency patients. They are the patients most in need right now, and you are able to treat them in person. You need to get in front of emergency patients as soon as possible, and you can do that through targeted ads. On Google, our clients are seeing 56% lower cost per conversion on emergency ads. That means dentists who are advertising right now can attract the same number of new patients today as they could 3-4 weeks ago, for less than half the cost. 

On Facebook, you can target your audience to let your current patients know that you are there for them, so they don’t schedule an emergency appointment with a competitor instead. Right now, Facebook ads are 86% cheaper for clicks than before. Additionally, cost per phone call via advertising usually costs $77, but right now, it's 88% cheaper, costing only $9. In a few months, the ad costs will rise again and competition will be stronger than ever, so now is the time to run emergency ads.

What to Advertise

In your ads, you want to address the current issue. The main question patients have right now is, “are you still seeing patients?” As shown in our client’s examples below, we are answering that question right away:

Patients are transactional-based searchers right now. If they have a need or a question, they want an answer right away. For that reason, Google ads will be your main driver right now, and should be prioritized. Take a look at one of the Google ads we are running for our clients right now, to win emergency patients:

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5 Key Elements of Your Landing Page 

Once a patient clicks on your ad, they will be taken to a landing page. In order to move forward with you, they need to see five things on that landing page:

  1. Consistency
  2. Safety
  3. Trust
  4. Differentiation
  5. Ease of Use

Whatever message or offer you just showed on your ad, your landing page needs to show consistency and mirror that message. Currently, that message should be that during COVID-19, you are open to emergency patients and you can help them. Additionally, patients are going to be wary. They want to enter a safe space where they won’t catch the virus. Your landing page needs to showcase the safety steps you are taking: only seeing 1 patient at a time, cleaning equipment, offering virtual consults, etc. On the same wavelength, you need to build trust. Show photos of you and your staff, use a local number, and utilize video content reassuring your community that you are there to serve them during these times. 

Next, offer a reason why a patient should choose you, a differentiator, such as offering a free virtual consult. Finally, this process to book with you needs to be easy for patients. Leverage their time, and ensure safety by offering online scheduling, and consults via video and chat. With these 5 key elements on your landing page, you can generate revenue today and start to build relationships and stack appointments for the future.

Strategies for the Future

This strategy is anything but a quick-fix. The dentists that get their ads and landing page up and running are securing the future of their practice. As we start to come out of this and practices re-open, you can use this exact strategy for high-ticket services like implants and Invisalign. In fact, some of our clients are running this strategy for implants right now, and seeing results with quality patients leads, because patients have time right now to find an implant dentist. Additionally, the dentists that are differentiating their practice by offering virtual consultations right now, have found an entirely new avenue to accommodate new patients. 

Quickness is Critical

The practices that launch their emergency ads and a landing page with all of the key elements will be the ones to grab the patients in the market right now. Time is more important than saving a few dollars right now, and at Firegang, we want to help as many dentists as possible. We are offering our immediate help to dentists that want to implement this turnkey solution right now. If you want to learn more, we can speak with you right away so your practice can generate revenue immediately. Click here to schedule a call with us.

If you want to get the word out to as many patients as possible, as quickly as possible, then click below so we can help you set up your emergency dental marketing.

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