The Story of Dr. Estrella & The Advanced Implant Funnel

Dr. Estrella’s entire career is built on his experience using and teaching advanced implant techniques. But when it came to his implant marketing, there was nothing “advanced” about it. Losing leads and chasing low-quality patients wasn’t going to cut it for him. Dr. Estrella, in partnership with Firegang, discovered a new way to find, qualify, and book new implant patients on autopilot...

If you want to know how Dr. Estrella earned $142,966.85 from implants alone in the first 6 weeks of using this method, click below to download the guide about The Advanced Implant Funnel:

Click Here to Download the Guide

The Story of Dr. Estrella

When Dr. Estrella came to us, he asked, How can I use online marketing to bring in more implant patients? Dr. Estrella was confident he offered amazing, quality implants and great service, but when potential new patients were searching online for implants, they couldn’t tell the difference between him and any other dentist in his area. Dr. Estrella wanted to focus on implants to grow his practice, but couldn’t get results with traditional marketing.

Leverage Education

We soon learned about online educational funnels. Standard marketing wasn't enough to schedule better implant patients...what patients actually needed in order to move forward, were answers to their questions. In other words, they needed education. We put together an implant-specific educational funnel for Dr. Estrella and he started seeing more 5-figure implant cases every single month. 

The Advanced Implant Funnel

This brand new marketing method accomplishes 3 things…

  1. Shows patients that you’re their best choice for implants (whether you’re a 
  2. Creates a system that qualified &  procures the best implant leads on autopilot
  3. Secures consistent demand for implants month after month, at any time of year

...without using cheap offers, discounts, wasting any doctor time, or putting extra burden on your staff.

If you want to know how Dr. Estrella earned $142,966.85 from implants alone in the first 6 weeks of using this method, click below to download The Advanced Implant Funnel guide:

Click Here to Download the Guide

Dr. Estrella's Results…

In 2019, Dr. Estrella started using the Advanced Implant Funnel, generating $142,966.85 in the first 6 weeks of running this groundbreaking new marketing method!

Click here to see Dr. Estrella's results & learn more about the Advanced Implant Funnel.

Watch the video below to hear Dr. Estrella speak with Firegang CEO Adam Zilko about the immediate success of The Advanced Implant Funnel.

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