What Is Dentist's Office Remarketing? A Simple Breakdown

Dental marketers have long attempted to figure out how to capture the attention of people who land on your website but then bounce without leaving their info. If you have an opt-in box, a person who lands on your site can leave their name and email address, allowing you to contact them later. But what happens when a person bounces from your site and doesn’t leave a thing?

Well now there is a way to not only tag the person who just landed on your site, but you can now follow them across the web, AND pitch your message to them over and over. This sleight-of-hand technique in marketing is known as remarketing and it’s taking the dentistry advertising industry by storm.

What is Remarketing-


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How Does Dental Remarketing Work?

Your dentist’s office website likely already makes use of cookies. These are small data files that get stored on a web visitor’s computer that makes the person’s web experience far more personalized. The links they’ve clicked will remain highlighted, the pages they’ve visited will load much faster and searches they’ve made may appear in drop-down boxes when they go to enter text.

With remarketing, cookies are also used but in a much more advanced way.

Similar to personalizing the web experience, you won’t be able to identify a web visitor by the cookie that’s left on their computer. What the remarketing cookie will do is show your ads to people while they’re browsing other websites.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Let’s say that a person lands on your dental practice website and then immediately goes to Facebook. With remarketing, your ads will show up for that person while they’re talking to grandma or their best friend across the country. If the person goes to Google to search for a new Philly cheese steak recipe, they will also see your advertisements urging them to come in or call.

Your ads could also show up for your prospects on CBS Sports, the New York Times and other prominent websites across the Internet.

Now here’s where it gets good.

Because people who have landed on your website are most likely already interested in what you have to offer, you’re spending less on ad clicks. You’re also more likely to earn a high return on your investment, because you’re reiterating your marketing message to an already captivated audience. And since most people have to see a marketing message 7 to 12 times before they commit, your remarketing campaign is just providing those extra few glances, and that may be enough to get your prospects to commit.

We’re talking more phone calls and more walk-ins. But right now you may be wondering, what sorts of ads should you be sending out? Here are a few examples of remarketing ads that should help to rope in more than a few new clients for your dentistry practice.

Remarketing Ad Ideas You Can Use Starting Today

We’re Following You: These ads come right out and let the person know that, we’ve tagged you, we know you’ve visited our website and now we’re going to be following you around the web. Is that a little creepy? It might be seen that way by some, but consider that the ad space your remarketing ads will occupy will be filled by something. Another company’s ads will go in that spot, it might as well be your ads your prospects are seeing.

Come Back, We Miss You: These remarketing advertisements are positioned a bit differently. They tell the prospect, we know you’ve been to our site, and we can’t wait to see you again. While the previous ‘following’ ad might have urged the person to call or walk-in because they knew you were following them, Come Back ads have a different psychological pull. They tug at the heart strings and at the conscience. By saying, “We miss you,” it makes the person not want to let you down, and so he or she will be much more likely to call.

We’re Here Whenever You’re Ready: There’s another way that remarketing can be used to capture your prospects’ attention and draw them in. Let’s say that someone lands on your emergency dentistry page. Most people who land on that page are going to be facing tooth pain, bloody gums or some other problem that warrants near-immediate attention. With remarketing, you can send out ads that say, “Does your tooth still hurt?” or “Do you still need a dentist?”

These types of ads aren’t intrusive nor are they pushy. They simply let the prospect know that your dentist’s office is in the general area, your office is aware that they’ve landed on your website, and your office will always be there whenever the person needs you. This may be enough to get the person to call when they’re ready, or when their pain becomes too unbearable to ignore any longer.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sending out general ads that say, “Need a Dentist in Chicago?” or “Would You Like a Smile Makeover?” These are the ads that you may already be advertising through Google Ads or Facebook ads, and they are still super-powerful enough to be used as remarketing ads. In fact, you are encouraged to experiment with all types of ads until you find the ones your audience responds to best.

Now that you know what remarketing is and how it works, start using this innovative technique for your own dentistry practice by calling on the digital marketing experts. Click here to learn more.

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