Practice of Excellence: Dr. C Family Dentistry

Congratulations to our Practice of Excellence!

We’re proud to share with you the story of Dr. Josh Cochran and his multi-location family dental practice in Spokane Valley, and South Hill, WA.

Dr. Josh Cochran, or Dr. C as his patients call him, came on board with Firegang in September 2020. 

Within six months of launching Dr. C’s new marketing strategy, the Spokane Valley location grew from 128 new patients per month, to 228 new patients per month. At the South Hill location, his practice grew from 32 new patients per month to 116 new patients per month.

Take a look at Dr. C’s journey with Firegang that led his practice to be awarded as our newest Practice of Excellence.

Finding the Right Fit

Before partnering with Firegang, Dr. C and his team were at a point where they were confident in their practice model: it was serving their community, their team, and their doctors. So they wondered, “What’s next?” 

The busier the practice became, the less Dr. C wanted to manage the marketing. He was coming up with the marketing plans himself, and really needed a marketing company to drive that strategy so he could focus on adding more doctors, and opening new locations. 
Dr. C was seeking accountability from his new marketing partner. He drew up a list of 20 items he needed in a marketing partner, based on his previous experiences. 

“I really appreciated Adam’s vision for his business, where he was going, and we looked at the 20 things on my marketing list...Adam and his team took on that role for me for digital marketing.” -Dr. C

Since working with Firegang, Dr. C and his team have seen month over month increases in new patients, production, and revenue.

Success by the Numbers

As shown in this graph, Dr. C Family Dentistry has continuously climbed in new patients month after month. 

"We started in October, we had 228 new patients." - Dr. C on his new patients at the Spokane Valley location

In August, Dr. C booked 128 new patients at the Spokane Valley location, and 32 new patients at the South Hill Location. We launched his brand new marketing strategy in September, and by October, he booked 228 new patients at Spokane Valley, and 76 new patients at South Hill, respectively.  

In the first 6 months with Firegang, Dr. C’s Spokane Valley location booked twice as many new patients compared to the 6 months before working with Firegang. At the South Hill location, Dr. C’s new patient numbers more than tripled in his first 6 months with Firegang compared to the 6 months prior.

"That's real, that's significant." -Dr. C

But those aren’t just new patients coming in for one consultation and leaving. Dr. C’s marketing has consistently attracted high-quality new patients willing to make Dr. C Family Dentistry their lifetime dental practice. 

“Our production went up and everything...and we did this with two of our main producers getting out of the chair.” - Dr. C

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Dr. C’s Old Website

A large part of Dr. C’s success has been his website transformation. 

Dr. C’s old website had a “clean” look, but it didn’t offer the information patients were looking for in order to choose his practice, nor did it truly show what Dr. C and his team had to offer. 

The more we learned about Dr. C’s vision for his practice, the more we couldn’t wait to capture it in a newly designed website…

Dr. C’s New Website by Firegang 

Dr. C’s new website still has that same clean, fresh look, but now it showcases tangible reasons patients should choose his practice. It also has a professionally-shot banner of B-roll video displaying Dr. C’s practice (both inside and out), alongside options to book directly from the homepage. 

“I love how our new website was built with intent. Each part of our website has a patients the information they need to convert them to a calling patient, so we can get them in the office, serve them, and take care of them.” -Dr. C

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Dr. C’s willingness to offer something different and out-of-the-box compared to his competitors has carved a path to growth for his practice, so we built his entire marketing strategy, including this new website, around those differentiators. 

“Our dental practice needs to be patient-centered. We need to look at all the challenges people have in their lives: busy schedules, work, fear, money, cost...all these things, and find solutions for patients.” -Dr. C

One thing patients need to see in order to choose a dental practice: personalized imagery and video. While his competitors were hesitant to get in front of the camera in order to market to new patients, Dr. C embraced it.

“Video is how the community wants to be communicated’s much more personal, it’s much more vulnerable. If we’re going to better serve our communities, we need to be open to this even though it's uncomfortable, we need to embrace that.” -Dr. C

Scaling for Success

When we first met with Dr. C, he was vocal about his vision to acquire more practices in his area, and thanks to the phenomenal results we’ve seen in his first 6 months, Dr. C is on his way to making that vision a reality.

“Firegang is going to be able to scale with me, but I’m also getting that personalized service that our practice needs to express to the community who we are, differentiating from other dentists.” -Dr. C

When Dr. C expands, he plans on utilizing the full force of Firegang’s marketing system, and we couldn’t be more excited to help Dr. C grow! 

A True Partnership

The path to success is forged with supportive business partners, and that’s exactly what Dr. C and Firegang CEO, Adam Zilko found in their first meeting. 

Dr. C’s practice was already doing well before Firegang came along, but by embracing the strategy and truly partnering with the team, together we found even more new patients that allowed Dr. C to keep on growing. 

“I’m an innovator, I push for innovation, so it’s been so nice to have somebody be open and listen, but also push back...Adam is constantly coming up with new ideas and looking for new ways to serve dentists.” -Dr. C

Are you as happy with your marketing results as Dr. C? He is willing to refer his marketing company to his friends, show his success to everyone, and even get in front of the camera to talk about his success with Firegang! If you want to feel that same way about your marketing partner, then click here to schedule you Marketing Assessment Call with us. 

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