Position for a Prosperous Re-Opening & Grow Your Practice Post-Pandemic

Whether you have already re-opened or are planning to re-open in a few weeks, you will encounter patients that will be too hesitant to come in and see you. That may not be a concern right away, because there is pent-up demand for dental work with willing patients that will fill your schedule. But how can you create a consistent flow of high-volume patients and avoid a dip in demand when there are so many patients too afraid to come in for an appointment?

In our recent Masterclass, Ryan Menacho, Director of Sales & Marketing, shares the data, insight, and strategies to help you create consistent growth in your practice for months to come. Click below to watch the full Masterclass. 


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Pent-Up Demand

There is pent-up demand within every market and most practices will benefit from it. However, just like the stock market, there are periods of “boom” and “bust.” We know for certain there will be a “boom” in demand as soon as your practice doors re-open, but there will also be an inevitable decline in demand 2-3 months afterward. Dentists that are simply “returning to normal” and do not make any changes to adapt their practice to the changing dental industry will experience the “bust” as drastically as the “boom.” But the dentists that take action now to adapt, will capture as many new patients as possible, and sustain a high volume of high-quality patients long after the “boom” has settled. By adapting your strategy, you can ensure the demand you experience at re-opening will not drop off in 1, 3, or 6 months from now, and you will have the power to continuously grow your practice.

Temporary Opportunity

Right now, we are seeing a great opportunity with our clients’ ads, but it won’t last long. When we take a look at Google Ad results, we are seeing the click-through rate (the percentage of times an ad was clicked on compared to the number of times it shows up for prospective patients) has increased rapidly over the past few weeks. Our clients are reaching new patients, introducing those patients to their practice for the first time, on a discount, all because their competitors halted their marketing when the closures began. 

As shown in the graph above, the click-through rate is already dropping back off as dentists are preparing to re-open. As more competitors open their doors and begin to market again, the click-through rates will only decrease. We anticipate that in the next 2-6 months, all ads will go back to the same cost as before the closures. But right now, for dentists that are advertising, there is a tremendous, temporary opportunity to introduce your practice to as many patients as possible, for an extremely low cost.

Create Consistent Growth

Before your competition starts marketing again, this is your opportunity to spread your message loud and clear to new patients. This is the time to start ramping up your marketing to avoid any drop in demand 2-3 months down the road. When you have seen all of your existing patients and all the new patients willing to come in regardless of COVID-19, what happens after that? You need a marketing plan built, in place, and ready to go so you can capture the untapped group of new patients, so your demand and revenue consistently grow. 

Differentiate Yourself

In order to consistently grow, you must differentiate yourself within the marketplace. Every single patient in your market right now is asking one question: why should I choose your practice? When you can answer that question effectively, every time to every patient, you will avoid inconsistencies and drops in demand in your patient flow. While other factors such as tracking, optimizing, and visibility contribute to that success, it is differentiation that is the key to separating your practice from the competition, so patients choose you.

You can show up everywhere and launch a bunch of ads, but if you don’t have a message that tells a patient why they should choose you, you will waste your money on ineffective marketing and still end up with a drop in demand.

Most Important Differentiator: Safety

There is one core differentiator that is always changing, we call it “the variable.” Right now, that variable is safety. The practice that can effectively communicate their safety procedures, without sounding like every other dentist, will retain more of their existing patients and capture the patients that are wary about going back to their dentist. Creating a differentiated safety message to use in your low-cost ads in this wide-open market will ensure you will sustain a steady flow of new patients, months after you re-open.

Communicate Safety

The first step in creating this message is identifying your safety solutions. We created a checklist of all of the possible human interactions that take place within a dental practice. This categorized list will help you and your staff identify the safety solutions that patients are looking for, so you can create a powerful safety message. Download this list and use it in your operations and your marketing.

When it comes to being different, you need to properly communicate your safety, internally and externally. But that doesn’t mean you can simply upload this list onto your website. You need to actively market your safety measures in a strategic and intelligent way to speak directly to potential patients’ needs, so they choose you. Currently, we are helping our clients identify which solutions are their strongest differentiators, and how to most effectively communicate them to patients.

If you are wondering, “Isn’t everyone doing this?” we recommend you watch this part of the video above to see how this 1 difference will outperform the competition every time.

Integrated Safety Message

Once you have chosen the safety solutions that will make your practice a differentiator, the patient needs to experience that message throughout the entire process that leads them to book an appointment. This is where your safety messaging needs to be clear and consistent:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Website
  • Your Front Office
  • In-Person Patient Experience

When your differentiated safety message is integrated, you will have the opportunity to capture these new patients for life. Right now, you can build everlasting trust with new patients by communicating you are the safest, most trustworthy doctor, right when patients need that reassurance the most. 

When you achieve this consistently, you will avoid a dip in demand, and exponentially grow your practice for months and years to come. If you want immediate help, our marketing solution will help you take advantage of this opportunity, and secure your practice’s future. Just remember, this is a tremendous, yet temporary, opportunity, so click here to schedule a call with us as soon as possible to identify the most effective way to attract and book new patients.

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