IF YOU HAVE A FUTURE-FOCUSED MINDSET, you are always trying to stay one step ahead. You now understand that it takes action to move from being At  Risk, Struggling, or Searching to reach Dominating, and everything you learn here will lead you to become a Dominating Dentist.  

One of the main attributes of a Dominating Dentist is their decisiveness. Unlike the other dentists in the Bell Curve, the Dominating Dentist is making the right decisions, and more importantly at the right time,  never hesitating or waiting to see what others do. This is imperative to pave the way for the future of your practice. As a future-focused dentist, you understand that the decisions you make today will decide what your practice will be in 3, 5, and 10 years. If you need to make a change to your practice, you know that if you wait a day, a week, or a month to make that change,  you may have a very different practice down the road than if you implemented that change today. While every tool and piece of advice you will learn here will arm you with the actions you need to take to become a Dominating Dentist, you still have a  question to answer, How soon do you want to get to Dominating? 

Take a moment to sit and reflect on your dental practice and your current situation. In 12, 24, 36 months from now, you will be faced with your future reality.  The timeline of decisions you make during that period will determine your future reality.

The dentists without a future-focused mindset  believe that if they make absolutely no changes to  their practice, they will remain on a straight timeline  between their current situation and their future reality,  essentially ending up in the same situation. The truth  is, that period of time between now and your future  reality will be a journey, a timeline of decisions that  creates a trajectory with either positive or negative  results. The timeline you choose, based on your actions,  will determine which outcome will be the future reality  for your practice. 

You may find yourself At Risk down the road. This is  a sign that you are on the downturned Drift timeline,  at the bottom.  

Picture dentistry as a bell curve, where each dentist (that owns a practice) falls somewhere among the curve. Their mindset, results, and decisions all contribute to where they are on the bell curve. Taking  the time to identify which type of dentist you are and  what decisions, fears, comfort, and results have led you  to believe that, will help you become more self-aware  in your role as practice owner, and help you better  understand how to use the knowledge and tools you  will learn in this book.  

By taking no decisive action as time passes, you  will drift away from your goals, away from what you  ultimately want your practice to be or what you  envision for your practice. The practices that follow the Drift timeline to At Risk are the ones that made no  changes during that period, and let the market decide  what happened to their practice. For example, the  dentist who watches their competition increase over  months or years, choose to do nothing, and become  a commodity or invisible to their ideal patients. At  first, the At Risk timeline seems somewhat stable, so  most dentists don't realize they are on it, but over time  the trajectory downward steepens, plummeting their  practice into a desperate position.  

The next timeline is a less drastic, but still a downturned curve that leads to Struggling.  

While this decline does not drop as quickly as the  Drifting curve that leads to At Risk, it portrays that  little or no changes are being made over time. This is  often due to a tendency to wait and see what choices everyone else in your market makes before making  your own decisions for your practice; always on the  defensive, in a reactionary position. This timeline  marked by hesitant actions will only result in a  Struggling situation as your future reality. 

The next line leads to Searching

Your practice follows this timeline if you are  consistently marketing, making regular changes to  your practice, and are receiving some positive results.  Maybe you are not hitting every goal you want to  achieve, but you are moving in the right direction.  There is still a bit of hesitation, which is why the incline  is slow and steady over time, so when you reach your  future reality, your vision for your remarkable and  rewarding practice may still be out of arm’s reach.

Finally, there is the top timeline, which leads your  future reality to Dominating. This is an exponential  upward trajectory, moving towards a Dominating  dental practice in 12, 24, or 36 months. 

This timeline is marked with Decisive Action: you  are consistently taking the right steps at the right  time, to move towards your goals. The key to riding this  exponential timeline upwards to achieve phenomenal  results, is abandoning hesitation, being decisive, and  making the necessary investments in your practice. 

Whatever timeline you are on today, 2, 3, or 4, your  first step is to jump the lines to timeline 1. As you can  see from the graphic to the right, the distance between  the lines only grows farther and farther apart as time  goes on. This indicates that jumping onto timeline 1 will  never be more attainable than it is today. If you wait 12,  24, or 36 months to see what your future reality holds, it will be much more difficult, riskier, and more costly  to jump to timeline 1 (if not impossible altogether). 

So, how do you get onto the timeline to  Dominating? The answer is: you take action now.  You make a mental commitment to yourself to take  everything you learn in this book and apply it to your  practice immediately. Often, this is the most difficult  step. But once you’ve done so, you will jump to  timeline 1. 

Once you’ve jumped onto timeline 1, your second  step is to ride the curve up to Dominating. You will do  this by consistently applying everything you learn in  this book to your practice month after month for the  next 12-36 months.

If you begin your timeline to Dominating now, you  will start exponentially growing your practice, instead  of worrying about trying to get back on track in 12, 24,  36 months down the road.  

Because, if you don’t take decisive action today, if  you’ve already self-identified that you are drifting away  from your goals, or you are a Struggling or Searching  dentist, then how long, realistically, can you wait  before you jump onto that Dominating timeline and  take decisive action? Can you and your practice really  afford to wait?

You can learn exactly how to make those  decisions and what to do to achieve your remarkable  and rewarding practice. And you won’t be alone.

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