How 1 Dentist Converted 3x More New Patients Through Her Website

Dentists spend thousands on their website design, often feeling the end product doesn't properly capture their dental practice or high-quality services. In most cases, these dentists are correct: there is more you can do to capture the value of your practice. But making changes to your website is risky, so read on to learn how to measure your website performance and take a look at one of the highest-converting dental websites in the industry.

Improving Website Conversion

Recently, we helped Dr. Hurcomb at Tulip Tree Dental Care upgrade her entire marketing strategy, including her website. Dr. Hurcomb is fee-for-service, so she needed patients that were going to set their insurance aside to choose her practice. With a few changes to her website, we were able to improve her website conversion.

According to DentistryIQ, most practice websites have a conversion rate of 3-5%. At Firegang, our standard is 6% website conversion. After all, if you’ve invested thousands of dollars in your website, it should convert more patients than your competitor’s site. After we redesigned and optimized Tulip Tree’s website, they had a conversion rate of 11.73%! That’s double our conversion rate goal at Firegang, and approx. 3x more than the industry average! 

You might be did we do it?

The Components of a High-Converting Website

The image below is a high-level look at the pieces of Tulip Tree’s website that contribute to their high conversion rate. Together, these components are responsible for getting their phones ringing with new patients...

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Showcase Differentiators

First, we identified what made Tulip Tree different from its competitors. When we ask dentists what makes them different, most aren’t sure, and you have to wonder, if you can’t identify what makes your practice different, how can you expect your patients to know? 

Our team helped Dr. Hurcomb identify her differentiators and showcase them right on top of her website. This list (above) highlights the convenience and quality Tulip Tree offers without using generic terms like "family-friendly," "accepting new patients," or "professional staff."

Leverage Authenticity

We often hear from dentists that they want a "pretty" website, which often includes stock photos of models with perfect smiles. While they are pleasing to the eye, those stock photos are actually holding you back from booking more patients. Real, authentic photos of you, your staff, and your office are proven to convert more patients. These photos (and videos!) build trust with the patient and help them experience your office and staff before they even book an appointment.


Utilize Your Reviews

When Tulip Tree first partnered with Firegang, they had approximately 150 online reviews, but some of their competitors had 200+ online reviews. Their Firegang Client Success Manager, Becky, met with the Tulip Tree staff and energized the team to ask for more reviews, both in automated requests and in-person at the practice. Within a couple of months, Tulip Tree had 342 reviews and a 4.8-star rating.

Because 76% of patients trust online reviews more than personal recommendations, and 56% of searchers will choose a business just because it has a good star rating or positive reviews, we decided to leverage those reviews on Tulip Tree's website. We rotate the reviews on the homepage, showing the patient who wrote it, and the platform it was posted on (usually Google or Yelp) to show potential new patients the real, positive experience of existing patients.

Resolve Financial Objections

If patients found value in all of those features but were still unsure about Dr. Hurcomb's fee-for-service, they may exit the website and never come back. Instead, on the homepage, they will find Tulip Tree's carefully crafted special offers to overcome any financial objections, without over-discounting Dr. Hurcomb's services.

To learn how Dr. Hurcomb is booking better patients, dropping bad insurance to grow her practice by 58% in fewer appointments:



Convenient Click-to-Call & Book Online

Tulip Tree's location, phone number, and button to book online are some of the first things patients see on the website, but they most likely aren't ready to book an appointment as soon as they land on the website. As patients browse the website, the "Book an Appointment" button follows them around, so they never scroll too far from it. This convenience helps convert more patients for Tulip Tree!

Tulip Tree's Success

Altogether, these pieces helped Tulip Tree convert more patients through their website right away. In fact, Tulip Tree reached a 6% conversion rate within the first month of the website launch! In a matter of 4 months, Dr. Hurcomb's website had an 11.73% conversion rate, converting 2-3x more than her competitors. Dr. Hurcomb's website was working as hard as she was to grow her practice!

But their website was only a small part of Firegang's handcrafted, fully integrated marketing strategy that helped them increase production by 58% in fewer appointments.  

Watch the video to hear from Corey Hurcomb, General Manager of Tulip Tree & husband to Dr. Hurcomb, on working with Firegang...

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