Choosing the right Marketing Partner for your Practice - Part 2

In Summation...

The Complete, Integrated Marketing Plan - YES, PLEASE!

While all marketing plans are not created equal, there are three tiers of marketing plans out there in the industry. And if you want to achieve your practice goals and keep growing your business organically, a successful marketing strategy must include all tiers.

Top-Tier: Our top-tier marketing plans include online ads so that we can advertise your practice on Google, Bing, and Facebook, a highly customized website design that we strategically build to help you stand out from other dentists, SEO services to help increase organic ranking in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

Second-Tier: The second tier of marketing plans includes deep differentiation analysis and total market. This tier's price point is higher because it's much more specific and focused on targeting the patients you want. You are facing customization, and this involves finding the messaging that differentiates you from anyone else in your need with critical messages that appeal to your ideal patients. 

Marketing VS Analysis

Marketing Plans are organized into tiers with purpose. The top tier of marketing plans includes front-end marketing. Differentiation analysis, market. You are facing customization. Call auditing continual performance analysis and the alignment of auditable metrics and key performance indicators with your revenue goals. The most significant difference between this tier and the others is the analysis of marketing performance indicators with your revenue goals."

Your marketing plan will be personalized to your practice and truly customized. It will analyze all of your data, so you can make more informed decisions about how to grow your practice and better understand how it can be improved.

Our marketing plan is fully managed and covers all aspects of your marketing. We have access to the latest tools, constantly updated according to what works best. Any changes are intel-driven with real-time feedback. This top-tier marketing works more efficiently because all elements are integrated and executed. There are eyes and hands in every part of your marketing to keep improving the results. And for that reason, you can only pay a low-tier amount for a top-tier marketing plan. More resources are needed to integrate your marketing well and help you make data-driven decisions.

You're looking for a complete marketing package. You don't only want your website, social media, and advertising to be updated and organized; you also wish for data processing and analysis. A cheaper option will only sometimes yield what you need as a business owner: constant growth and transformation. While pricing may seem high initially, investing in quality marketing will continually deliver results with long-term effectiveness.

A good marketing program can help you achieve your practice goals and dreams. The program includes guidance, inspiration from our best-selling book, marketing strategies, videos, and checklists.

Every single month that you don't achieve your new patient and revenue goals, that are another month that you lose potential income.

Suppose you must achieve Differentiation Visibility and Conversion to achieve your excellent and rewarding practice. You risk and sacrifice time, revenue, and opportunity." When establishing a marketing plan, ensure you go after your niche audience and offer an excellent service product. Each patient will influence others, and referrals will become your practice's most valuable resource. 

Custom Marketing vs. Proven Strategy

Dentistry has changed. Dentists are no longer the only providers of services, nor can they afford to base their entire marketing strategy on traditional print and television advertising alone. In today's online world, they need a web-based presence that provides value to current and potential patients. This can include reviews from past patients and videos that show procedures in depth. Dentists who feel trapped in dental marketing are often attracted to new companies offering custom websites, individual social media campaigns, and the latest marketing fads. These offers are exciting, but if that's all this new company has for you, there might be a better fit. You're better off sticking with a company offering a fully connected marketing strategy that builds brand awareness and drives patient referrals over time.

You need to be aware of companies that over-customize your front-end marketing, such as your ads and website because you end up as the guinea pig for that untested strategy for the sake of customization. Customization doesn't mean more patients, but it could be the difference between success and failure. For example, if a website omits essential information such as location and hours of operation, or if the landing page has small buttons for call-to-action, that looks like an afterthought. Such customization does not lead to more new patients and will ultimately damage your overall return on investment, revenues...and practice reputation.

If having a full-blown customized website is your goal, then ensuring your partner understands the difference between functionality and conversion is essential. You don't have to choose one or the other, but you have to err on one side and keep that choice in mind when speaking with potential marketing partners. What is more important - a fully customized website or one precisely engineered to get more perfect patients?

Then ask yourself if a patient conversion strategy matters more than customization. All these questions will help you decide which direction to go when it comes time to speak with potential marketing partners about improving your organic and paid search campaigns. 

Red Flags & Straight-Up Scams

Marketing companies may burn your retainer up quickly. But there are also some red flags to look out for to make sure your partner isn't making a promise they can't keep. Here's what you need to know about finding the right marketing partners for your practice. There are instances where they may have pushed their marketing partner too far or needed to push back more.

SEO Problems & Threats

Be wary of a marketing company that guarantees their rankings. Marketing companies that have goals and a timeline for your ranking are entirely trustworthy. But there are no guarantees with SEO and battling the almighty algorithm. Many marketing companies offer objective guarantees, such as "We'll have you ranking in the top spot within a month!" While this sounds great, you should be wary of claims based on subjective outcomes. For example, it is impossible to guarantee a particular spot because search engine optimization strategies constantly change.

Also, ensure that the marketing company has goals and a timeline for your ranking – any firm that doesn't have one is too risky for long-term business. If a marketing company wants to lock you into recurring fees or start charging you maintenance fees upon project completion, go with another firm or be prepared to switch companies yourself.

Hiding Your Site Changes

Your marketing company will immediately change your website and constantly tweak it for better performance.

  •       If the company doesn't fully disclose everything about what they are doing with your site, you should be concerned. Refrain from confusing jargon or non-specific terms that keep you from understanding precisely what a company is changing about your site - it's your logo at the top of the page!
  •       If a company you are considering does not fully disclose and explain everything being done to your site or claims they have "trade secrets" or a "website formula" that they cannot share. That's a red flag!
  •       Companies that claim to have unique relationships with Google or Yahoo are undoubtedly lying. Search engines are not in the business of helping small businesses but instead attempting to provide the most accurate and relevant results for users.
  •       Claiming a "special relationship" with Google, Yahoo, MSN, or any other search engine is not an accurate representation of their rank-improving techniques.

If you're considering a marketing company to help you with your Google Ads, ensure they have official Google Partners on their team. With experience in managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns, they can give your business the competitive advantage it needs.

Evaluating Your Marketing Proposals

You must know your practice's current marketing options when evaluating marketing companies. It is also vital for you to understand what types of marketing you would like to do in the future so you can ask the right questions of the marketing company during their proposal.

 Concerns You Might Have

  • How will they get you more of your ideal patients in your market, not just patients?
  • Do you feel heard and understood by this company? Do they have a clear vision to achieve your goals?
  • Does it feel like a 'stock' proposal? Or something crafted uniquely for you?
  • Is their main selling point just that it's cheap? Or will it deliver everything you need to maximize growth?

What's next?

So many questions come to mind!

Do you want to invest in your practice marketing? You should feel prepared and confident in finding the right marketing company. Keep an open mind, and remember that your marketing is the key to your excellent and rewarding practice. Find a partner that understands that!

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