Case Studies - Certifiable Success Stories From Firegang Clients (Condensed Version)

I’ve worked with 5 marketing companies, and I only now feel like I’m receiving the service I should be. - Dr. Steven Miller, Wellington Smiles...


Firegang Dental Marketing is the most tenured, most successful dental marketing company in the United States in terms of driving desired results, growth, and ROI for thousands of dentists we’ve worked with since the early 2000s. We help dentist-owners by driving the right new patients, in record numbers, with laser-like precision, and in a predictable, repeatable, and scalable fashion.

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222% Growth in New Patients in 6 Months Dr. C Family Dentistry Spokane, Washington

The strategy we used was exactly what Dr. C was searching for: a fully integrated marketing approach, with all parts of his marketing completely connected, and a transparent reporting and analysis process, including call coaching, with a strategy that leveraged his uniqueness to grow his practice. His results painted a clear picture of success: his new patients grew by 222% within 6 months of launching his new marketing strategy. But those aren’t just new patients coming in for one consultation and leaving. Dr. C’s marketing has consistently attracted high-quality new patients willing to make Dr. C Family Dentistry their lifetime dental practice.

Adam’s constantly coming up with new ideas and looking for new ways to serve dentists. 

Our production went up and everything...and we did this with two of our main producers getting out of the chair. - Dr. C

The foundation of Dr. C’s success was his future-focused mindset. He had a clear vision, an entrepreneurial spirit, and wanted cutting-edge marketing that was going to fit his needs, not the other way around. Together, we used a fully comprehensive, integrated marketing system to achieve his remarkable and rewarding practice...and we’re just getting started

Generating $137k From High-Ticket Implant Cases Within A Few Weeks

The Firegang Advanced Implant Funnel is the most comprehensive and advanced funnel marketing solution to date. It utilizes an unparalleled education-first approach that turns leads into paying patients with our automated follow-up and lead handling services. “I’ve been working with the Firegang team on the implant funnel for four months. Since that time we have consistently received 3+ leads A DAY! In that time we’ve had case acceptance totals of over $150k and we’ve only scratched the surface of reaching out to all the requests. The Firegang tracking platform is intuitive and precise so you know the acceptance stage of every lead and who on your team is tracking it and scheduling consults. This leads to excellent team accountability.

My investment and ROI easily substantiate the investment.” -Dr. Roy Thompson - Roy Thompson, DDS.

Magic Smiles Family Dentistry Logo

New Patient Traffic Increased by 60% by the Second Month

With a new web presence, a website that spoke to children and the local Spanish-speaking population, and with the correct information showing up in Google Maps and other online directories, new patient phone calls and office visits began to happen almost immediately. In fact, new patient traffic increased 60% by only the second month. The bounce rate for the new overhauled website improved by 50% and the average web viewing session improved by nearly a minute, going from two minutes to two minutes and fifty seconds. The results experienced by Magic Smiles were unique in that they occurred in a primary low-income area with vastly inconsistent information appearing online. Magic Smiles continues to improve and Firegang is proud to call it one of its greatest achievements.

Internet marketing, no matter what population you’re serving, is required in today’s dental world. If you don’t have a strong website, if you don’t build your SEO, if you don’t invest in some PPC and take time with your social media then you’re just another practice that someone drives by." - Daniel Morrissey, CEO - Magic Smiles

Dr. Hurcomb wanted to prioritize her production numbers (instead of new patient numbers), to grow her practice, Tulip Tree Dental Care, in fewer appointments. Since partnering with Firegang, Dr. Hurcomb’s production numbers have grown. When Firegang took over, the new patient numbers did not skyrocket, but the production did, which means we were attracting a better type of patient, one willing to see the value in Dr. Hurcomb’s fee-for-service dental treatment...growing Tulip Tree in less appointments!

Firegang pays attention to the well as tying it in with the actual results from the practice management software.

It’s not easy to tie them all together but you can see a trend, and that’s really what we’ve seen, it’s trending in the right direction. - Dr. Hurcomb

State of the Art Dental example of Firegang's dentist website design

Using Comprehensive Online Marketing Strategies to Increase New Patient Flow by 40%

Dr. Pinsky and State of the Art Dental Group were able to use online marketing best practices to increase their new patient flow in a highly competitive area. Dr. Pinsky, who was once seeing only 15-20 new patients per month, is now seeing 54. He has over 100 Google reviews, with a 4.5+ star average. Using PPC, he steadily and sustainably increased his new patient count by 39% and has found his biggest issue is keeping up with the increased demand for his services.

We just had 7 new patients in one day. I’ve never had that before! Everything is working out really well right now, I just have to make sure I have the staff to keep up with everything Firegang is doing. - Dr. Pinsky

New Patient Numbers Skyrocketing After 2 Months of Working with Firegang

After being introduced to Firegang through The Mastery Summit in early 2017, one of our clients decided to make a change to their digital marketing strategy. Within 2 months of working with Firegang, their new patient numbers skyrocketed. The practice added a 3rd location in Spring 2018 and has added new doctors and hygienists to handle their rapid growth.

ROI of Almost $150,000 in Six Weeks

Dr. Estrella's entire career is built on his experience using and teaching advanced implant techniques. But when it came to his implant marketing, there was nothing "advanced" about it. Losing leads and chasing low-quality patients wasn't going to cut it for him. When Dr. Estrella came to us, he asked, How can I use online marketing to bring in more implant patients? Dr. Estrella was confident he offered amazing, quality implants and great service, but when potential new patients were searching online for implants, they couldn’t tell the difference between him and any other dentist in his area. Dr. Estrella wanted to focus on implants to grow his practice, but couldn’t get results with traditional marketing. When Dr. Estrella partnered with Firegang, we learned about online educational funnels. Standard marketing wasn't enough to schedule better implant patients...what patients actually needed in order to move forward, were answers to their questions. In other words, they needed education. We put together an implant-specific educational funnel for Dr. Estrella and he started seeing more 5-figure implant cases every single month. In his first 6 weeks using the Advanced Implant Funnel, Dr. Estrella generated $142,966.85 in implant revenue.

From 31 to 76 New Patients Per Month in 5 Months

Homegrown Dental skipped over the painful trials and tribulations of trying to figure out their marketing on their own by partnering with Firegang Dental Marketing from the jump. They surpassed their ambitious two year goals within the first year, including a large increase in new patient volume (that ended up being too much!) and a production of 800k. They are continuing their growth towards a more rewarding practice with more ambitious goals for 2022, including going to a Fee for Service model. They are definitely on track to achieving the practice of their dreams.

Dental Marketing Agency

Skyrocketing From a $1.2 Million to an $8 Million Dental Practice in Only a Few Years

Dr. Burk is the perfect example that if you want your dental practice to be super successful, then you can’t simply do what you’ve always done in the past—or what the generation did before you. Through investing in online marketing, specifically SEO, google reviews, and a great dental website, Dr. Burk was able to create a compelling online presence that portrays Anchorage Midtown Dental as the high-quality practice it is. This resulted in more web referrals and phone calls, as well as more implant and cosmetic dentistry patients.

What I realized, working with Firegang, is it’s a custom tailored experience to our practice... We have a really excellent website because of it, and the NUMBER ONE ranking website in our area for every single category. - Dr. Burk

“Once we decided to rebrand Smile Design Dental and started working with Firegang we saw a huge increase in new patient numbers. Our #1 referral source is currently our website and Google reviews.” - Daniela Velasquez, Chief of Operations, Smile Design Dental

“I’ve worked with 5 marketing companies previously, and only now feel like I’m receiving the service that I should be.” - Dr. Steven Miller, Wellington Smiles

“New patient flow has more than doubled since we partnered with Firegang.” - Dr. Olu Oyegunwa, Fayetteville Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

“You (Firegang) know the psychology behind what dental patients are looking for, what ad language works and what doesn’t and you have tried and true methods from working with dentists across the country.” - Nicole Sietsema, Riggs Family Dental

“Jenna has been a complete pleasure to work with! She is super sweet and SMART! Every time I call or email her with questions, she responds right away. She has helped me gain the tools to lead my team and it has MAJORLY impacted our office in a positive way.” - Brooke Moore, Gastonia Family Dentistry

“Yes, the numbers are impressive compared to what they were prior to the end of May! My team members have commented on how often the phones are ringing! Music to our ears! We go over most of the recorded calls and critique them during our Tuesday meetings. Then we role-play to improve on them. Also, my revenue is up! Thanks for the help! Sorry about the exclamation points!!! Want to get the point across!!!" - Dr. Ricardo Guillen, Ricardo C. Guillen, DDS, PLLC

“Our new patient counts are great! We appreciate you all. We get lots of marketers asking to do our social media marketing, and we tell them, naw...we’re good. We have the best.” - Dr. Kani Nicolls, Asheville Smiles

At Firegang Dental Marketing, we have extensive experience in growing all types of practices during all kinds of economic situations. If you are ready to eliminate the guesswork out of growing the practice of your dreams, schedule your free Growth Acceleration Call with Firegang.

Do you want to invest in your practice marketing? You should feel prepared and confident in finding the right marketing company. Keep an open mind, and remember that your marketing is the key to your excellent and rewarding practice. Find a partner that understands that!

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