Case Study - "Maximum Capacity" The Story of Homegrown Dental

MAXIMUM CAPACITY: From 31 to 76 New Patients in 5 Months
The Story of Homegrown Dental

In May of 2021, Homegrown Dental opened its doors in Great Falls, Montana. With the urge to market correctly and effectively right off the bat, they partnered with us at Firegang. What they have experienced thus far is consistently impressive to say the least.

In as little as five months, the Homegrown Dental family has been excited to report that they had reached their maximum capacity for new patients (76 new patients per month).

Homegrown is just one dental office, and so to maximize the type of growth they wanted, their marketing strategy needed to be adjusted to target a specific clientele, rather than going for just high
patient volume.

A new patient level of around 40+ per month would be more sustainable. Firegang’s deployed marketing approach helped keep growth consistent and predictable.


With the experts at Firegang at the wheel, Homegrown began getting new clients organically with ease and laser-like precision.

Their Facebook and Google Ads were fine-tuned with a personal touch and sparked an exciting influx of new viewers who would be converted to new patients with little effort.

In this case study, we will examine who is Homegrown Dental, what specific challenges they faced, what solutions were provided and what results were achieved.


In 2021, Doctor Heather Moore made an exciting jump in deciding to move her family back to her hometown, Great Falls, Montana, to start Homegrown Dental. Although this was a move that she
knew was right and felt good, it was definitely not without its challenges.

Homegrown Dental was facing a challenge that is not unique. They were a brand new practice trying to establish themselves in a saturated market. When searching for dentists in Great Falls, Montana,
the Google Map looked like a pin cushion.

Dr. Moore knew that she would need an expert, foolproof strategy to be able to make her mark and let the community know about the Homegrown Dental family. They would need to identify precisely
what made them different and what levers to pull to bring their differentiation to the forefront.


Firegang Dental Marketing was their first (and last) company to partner with to accelerate the practice growth of Homegrown Dental.

Dr. Moore had two main priorities to focus on:
• Increasing new patient volume
• Increasing production.

Firegang partnered with Dr. Moore and set the production goal for the first year at 550k. The production goal for year two would be 800k.

Impressively, Firegang helped them reach their second year goal of 800k within the first year!



In order to reach their new patient goals, Firegang recommended a competitive Paid Ads campaign for the first few months to allow time for their SEO to grow organically. This happened remarkably fast. Homegrown actually exceeded their new patient goals. From this point, the Paid Ads budget was scaled back and organic growth took over.

The Homegrown Dental website was revamped to maximize new patient conversion. What makes them unique is clearly visible at the top of their website. Differentiating factors include sedation (above and beyond comfort options) for anxious patients and a non-insurance discount payment plan.

Currently, their Google reviews hold a solid, five-star overall rating which is very eye-catching and appealing for potential new clients. Their website is tailored for converting new patients as quickly as possible.

Homegrown Dental skipped over the painful trials and tribulations of trying to figure out their marketing on their own by partnering with Firegang Dental Marketing from the jump. They surpassed their ambitious two year goals within the first year, including a large increase in new patient volume (that ended up being too much!) and a production of 800k.

They are continuing their growth towards a more rewarding practice with more ambitious goals for 2022, including going to a Fee for Service model. They are
definitely on track to achieving the practice of their dreams.

At Firegang Dental Marketing, we have extensive experience in growing all types of practices during all kinds of economic situations. If you are ready to eliminate the guesswork out of growing the practice of your dreams, schedule your free Growth Acceleration Call with Firegang.

Do you want to invest in your practice marketing? You should feel prepared and confident in finding the right marketing company. Keep an open mind, and remember that your marketing is the key to your excellent and rewarding practice. Find a partner that understands that!

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