Case Study - "$1.2 to $8 Million in a Few Years" - Dr. Burk

To develop a powerful online presence with the purpose of attracting high-quality patients and becoming the premier dental practice in Anchorage.


When Dr. Guy Burk purchased Anchorage Midtown Dental in 2010, the practice was performing adequately. But nearly 70% of Anchorage Midtown
Dental patients were Medicaid, with few high-end or implant patients. What’s more, Dr. Burk was trying to stand out and grow his practice in an increasingly competitive and challenging market, while still continuing the practice’s legacy of providing excellent, high-quality care.

What’s more, when Dr. Burk bought Anchorage Midtown Dental, the practice was primarily advertising in phone books—which was costing more money than the value of the new dental patients it was bringing in. When the practice did receive calls from potential patients, many went unanswered due to staff and training issues.

Although Anchorage Midtown Dental was providing its patients with five-star service, this wasn’t the initial message that their practice was conveying.

Dr. Burk wasn’t satisfied with this. He wanted to become the premier dental practice in Anchorage, attracting high-end patients and performing more implants. He looked to his generation and saw that people were no longer going to the phone books to find the services they needed. Instead, they were heading to Google and social media, and reading reviews from others who had been there before. So with the help of Firegang Dental Marketing, Dr. Burk decided to showcase the excellent quality of Anchorage Midtown through the power of successful and strategic online marketing. Anchorage Midtown Dental has grown exponentially as a result—and
continues to bring in more high-quality dental patients each and every month.


Solution #1:

Invested In Local Google Rankings To Show Up Where Patients Were Already Searching
Dr. Burk realized that the first place he went when searching for a service was Google. If that’s where he was searching, then that’s where his ideal dental patients were looking, too. We analyzed the top keywords that Anchorage Midtown Dental wanted to rank highly for in local search engine results. Then by fixing and building 225 listings on local and vertical directories, we ensured that Anchorage Midtown Dental would maintain top Google Map rankings for all these big ticket keywords. Though the dental industry in Anchorage is 6% more competitive than the national average, by implementing a results-oriented approach, we successfully skyrocketed
Anchorage Midtown Dental’s local Google rankings.

Solution #2:

Began Marketing To Implant and Cosmetic Patients
There shouldn’t be any confusion about the services that your practice offers. We made sure that Anchorage Midtown Dental had a clear and compelling website that included specific information about implant and cosmetic dentistry. It’s now easy to find the page for implant and cosmetic dentistry from the top navigation bar, as well as the sidebar on Dr. Burk’s website. From here, the landing pages are engaging and easy-to-understand, ensuring that the potential patient has all the information they need at their fingertips to make a decision about implant and cosmetic dentistry.

Targeted Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry Local Keywords On Google
To ensure that Dr. Burk was marketing to and reaching the right dental patients, Firegang Dental Marketing took over his SEO to ensure the practice was ranking high for “dental implants” in Anchorage. The results were staggering. Anchorage Midtown Dental went from showing up outside the top 50 results to ranking in the top five for “dental implants Anchorage.”

Solution #3:

Combined Effective Online Marketing With A Superior Dental Experience
Dr. Burk knew that if he was going to invest in online marketing, then he needed to make sure dental patients were receiving an extraordinary experience in each and every interaction with Anchorage Midtown Dental. From the moment they landed on his website to when they called to make an appointment to when they actually came in the front door—everything needed to run professionally if Dr. Burk was going to utilize positive online reviews and word-of-mouth referrals to scale production.

Remodeled The Dental Practice
To start, Dr. Burk remodeled the dental practice to exude comfort and provide a high-quality experience. Appointment blocks were reserved for new patients so that they could get in the door immediately without having to wait weeks to potentially see a dentist. Reception was given a script and trained to absolutely ensure that the service provided was one that matched the online marketing message. Dr. Burk listened in on reception calls to ensure that what was often the first interaction with Anchorage Midtown Dental was a positive one.

Google Reviews, Phone Calls, and Web Leads Grew
As a result of combining this excellent service with strategic online marketing, Anchorage Midtown Dental was soon the premier dental practice in its region. This led to more phone calls and web leads, which led to more new patients, which led to more 5-Star reviews, which led to more new patient leads...and the cycle of growth hasn’t stopped since!

Solution #4:

Putting Marketing Dollars Where They Deliver The Highest ROI
-Learning Where New Patients Come From
To stop wasting money and start using their marketing budget more efficiently, Dr. Burk began asking each and every new patient how they heard about Anchorage Midtown Dental. After word-of-mouth referrals, Dr. Burk clearly saw that online marketing delivered the highest ROI.

-Investing In New Leads And Quality Patients
Once Dr. Burk knew that the bulk of his high-end dental patients were coming from online marketing, he could wisely continue to invest his marketing budget in improving his SEO, online reviews and a great website for his practice. Dr. Burk is no longer wasting money on the phone book ads that were actually losing his practice money. Now, for each advertising dollar he spends, the practice receives a crazy high ROI. For 2015 through the month of July alone, Anchorage Midtown Dental has shown a 1210% return on online marketing investment.

Steady Increase In New Patients Over Time

• Production increased nearly 600% over five years

• New patient leads increased to an average of 228 per month

• Now receiving over 60 new patients per doctor each month

• Now ranking number 1 for four target keywords and number 2 for two target keywords in local search

• Website traffic increased by nearly 175%


After the first year of working with Firegang Dental Marketing, Anchorage Midtown Dental saw a nearly 70% increase in Organic Google Traffic. Their online conversion rate increased by 35%.

Anchorage Midtown Dental also saw a 73% increase in visitors landing on their Dental Implant Services Page after only one year of working with Firegang Dental Marketing.

Long Term Results
•Anchorage Midtown Dental Went From A $1.2 Million Practice To An $8 Million Practice in only a few years
• Now Anchorage Midtown Dental Is The Premier Dental Practice In Anchorage And One Of The Top Dental Practices In All Of Alaska
• Dr. Burk, With The Help Of Firegang Dental Marketing, Has Grown Anchorage Midtown Dental Into A 5-Dentist Practice That Doesn’t Need To Worry Where Their Next Patients Are Coming From

Final Thoughts:

Dr. Burk is the perfect example that if you want your dental practice to be super successful, then you can’t simply do what you’ve always done in the past—or what the generation did before you. Through investing in online marketing, specifically SEO, google reviews, and a great dental website, Dr. Burk was able to create a compelling online presence that portrays Anchorage Midtown Dental as the high-quality practice it is. This resulted in more web referrals and phone calls, as well as more implant and cosmetic dentistry patients.

But Anchorage Midtown didn’t stop at their marketing—they also went above and beyond to ensure that they were providing the ultimate in five-star services, making each and every interaction with the dental practice a comfortable and memorable experience. Dr. Burk proves that you can exponentially grow the production of your dental practice in only a few years and dominate your marketplace through strategic and effective online dental marketing.

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