North Carolina Solo Practice Doubles New Patients In 12 Months

“I was on the fence initially, I was thinking it was a big monthly investment, but I decided I was willing to make it because I could see the potential value and that monthly investment pays for itself over and over each month.” 

– Dr. Olu Oyegunwa, Owner of O2 Dental Group of Fayetteville

Prior to partnering with Firegang, Dr. Oyegunwa was working with a different SEO company. He wasn’t seeing the results he wanted and realized that staying with his current marketing company wasn’t going to get him the patients and growth he needed.

"I had a company that was managing our SEO and they were doing yellow pages ads. We had them look into managing our website and do some digital advertising. But I always felt like something was missing."

O2 Dental Group of Fayetteville was able to use our comprehensive dental marketing strategy to achieve not only the new patients Dr. Oyegunwa wanted, but the SEO results his previous company couldn’t get him.

“I can see our website moving up on Google rankings, which is always nice to see. I love the way the search engine marketing was better managed than the company we used to use.”

Dr. Oyegunwa is one of our most successful single location clients because he realized that reaching his growth goals wasn’t just about marketing. It was about changing his entire mindset about dental marketing.

“Think of it like opening up a new location, that’s a big investment, but you do it because you can see the potential payoff for your dental practice. Marketing is the same thing. It’s an investment that you have to make because you know it’ll be beneficial to the future of your business.”


New Patients Per Month Over 4 years

“Sometimes we are overwhelmed! We are getting so many phone calls, a lot of appointments. It has definitely been a big change, a complete 180 and we’ve seen a lot of success.”

O2 Dental Group of Fayetteville is one of those dental practices that isn’t just doing “one thing right” with their marketing. That’s why they’ve seen great success using Firegang’s holistic approach.

By combining Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, local SEO marketing, phone call conversion training and a website designed to convert clicks to new patients, Dr. Oyegunwa’s biggest problem is he’s getting too many new patients! This consistent growth has allowed him to bring on a second dentist and plan to bring on a third in the coming months.

"Our account is much better managed with Firegang. Having someone who you can talk to has always been something that’s been beneficial. We talk regularly about what goes well, what’s not going well, what we need to change. It’s been awesome!"

We understand that deciding to hire a new dental marketing company can be stressful. That’s why we make sure transitioning from your current marketing company to Firegang is a painless process!

We have an entire new client onboarding team trained to make taking the first step toward becoming one of our Firegang success stories simple. Our dental marketing experts make sure there is no lost SEO or negative impact to your practice’s online reputation when you make the switch to Firegang, allowing your practice to grow and thrive!

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"I like to believe that it is important to establish a win-win relationship with business partners. Some companies don't care how your business does as long as you pay the invoice. I have never felt that with Firegang. I know the initial price tag for marketing can seem high, but I remember on average that every $1 I spend on marketing I get at least $10-$15 back!"

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