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Taking The PAIN Out Of Practice Growth

 If you’re like most dentists, determining the right levers to pull to achieve your practice growth goals is not only a painstaking pursuit, but it can be downright painful one, too. You may be trying to do the marketing on your own - getting nowhere, or you may even be paying a marketing company that is not delivering a quality return on your investment. Any way you spin in, wasting time, money, and opportunity is definitely painful.

If this is the case under “normal” circumstances, what happens during times of economic uncertainty? The simple truth is most dentists experience the natural inclination to want to hunker down and weather the storm. 

The reality is most dentists are going to play it safe: stop their marketing, cut non-essential staff, and run a tighter ship.  That is exactly why growing their practice will come to a screeching halt.

Success leaves clues. We’re fortunate to be the most tenured and, respectfully, yet candidly, the most successful dental marketing company in the United States in terms of driving desired results, growth, and ROI for the thousands of dentists we’ve worked with.

In that time, there’s not a practice type, growth goal, obstacle, or economic situation or climate that we’ve not experienced, solved for, and steered our clients to, through, or around.

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The simple truth is that as long as you’re doing the right things - and in the right sequence - it is far more lucrative to push forward rather than retreat. Especially at times when most of your perceived competitors are pumping the brakes.

We witnessed that truth come to pass in the 2008 recession and again with the rise of COVID-19 in 2020.  The dentists who persisted in the correct fashion thrived.  Many of those who played it safe merely survived. 

Some weren’t as fortunate and didn’t survive at all.

We will get into recession-related specifics a little bit later in this 5-part blog series. For now though, let’s explore the fundamentals of Practice Growth Acceleration.

Fundamental One: If You Build It…

Regardless of the economic situation, the simple fact is that in life and in your practice, you’re either growing or dying. There is no staying the same. 

This idea can be painful and scary to some, but finding the right way to grow your practice does not have to be a painful experience. It can be done precisely and effectively in a way that is both predictable and recession-proof. This requires a little more than simply building your practice, making a nice comfortable office, and waiting for new patients to miraculously show up.

Somewhere in your career you may have picked up the notion that “If you build it, they will come”. Whether our nation is in a boom, stagnant, or crashing economy, this notion is a half-truth.

A more accurate version of this statement is, “If you build it – and you market it correctly – they will come.” The simple truth is, it’s never a good time to fall back on efforts to market and grow your practice. Now more than ever, is the time to push forward and market correctly. Simply put, building a practice does not guarantee its demand – or even that it will be found by your target patients.

So how do you market “correctly”?

This is a multi-layered subject with specific nuances in the dentistry world. The truth is, you have to do all of the right things, in the correct sequence, and timed correctly in such a way that aligns with your focus, market, and goals. This is the only sure-fire way to reach the maximum growth potential in your practice.

So how would it feel if the possibility of failure was taken out of the equation – and your practice was growing predictably and repeatedly in a scalable fashion?

If you are equipped with the knowledge of the right actions to take, this will be your reality. 

So at this juncture, you could continue down the road of painful guesswork to figure out what those right actions are, or you could take part in a free personalized strategy session with us.

The clear plan that you will receive from a free Practice Growth Acceleration Strategy Call from Firegang is more valuable than ever. We will create the roadmap to take your practice to new heights, so you can focus on what’s most important to YOU. Click here if you are ready to take action towards building the practice that is going to drive the right kind of new patients by scheduling your Practice Growth Acceleration Strategy Call.

During this 5 Part blog series, we will shine a light on the specifics that allow dentists to rapidly accelerate their practice growth when it comes to driving the right kind of new patients to maximize their schedule bandwidth and profitability potential. 

The main takeaway for part one, however, is that simply building your practice is not enough to guarantee its success.

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