Becoming A Premier Pediatric Practice

How Dr. Ciano Hit Her Triple-Digit New Patient Goal in Just a Few Months with Firegang

Dr. Ciano wanted to become the premier pediatric practice in her market, and that started with her goal of finally breaking the 100-mark of monthly new patients.

After partnering with Firegang, Dr. Ciano’s new patient numbers have grown, hitting 123 in just the first few months! Her practice has sustained high new patient flow ever since.

To learn how Dr. Ciano finally reached her dream new patient number, achieved practice growth, and dominated her market, then read on...


Dr. Christina Ciano owns Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry in Princeton, NJ. Two years after founding the practice, Dr. Ciano hired a new associate and was ready to take her practice to the next level.

Dr. Ciano used traditional marketing efforts in the past, and was sitting at 63 new patients per month. She had her eyes set on finally reaching triple-digit new patients, but her biggest competitor was moving in down the street.  Dr. Ciano refused to lower her prices just to compete, as she was confident she provided a great service for her patients.

Dr. Ciano soon learned the value of online marketing and was ready to elevate her traditional marketing efforts, and leverage online marketing to hit her goals without slashing her prices.

To do that, Dr. Ciano would need a marketing system that could show parents why she was the best choice for their children, which is why she partnered with Firegang.

Challenge #1
Dr. Ciano Was Leaving Patients Behind

Dr. Ciano knew there was value in online marketing, but she didn’t know how many patients she was leaving behind every month when she opted for traditional marketing over online marketing.  When we looked into Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry’s market in Princeton, NJ, we found there were 2119 people looking for a new pediatric dentist online every month. As a pediatric practice, those people were most likely parents or guardians with multiple children, meaning the number of patients Dr. Ciano was leaving on the table could be 2x or 3x that number!

In order to dominate her market, Dr. Ciano needed to show up for searches in Princeton, New Brunswick, Hopewell, and Hamilton, New Jersey. Before Firegang, she didn’t show up in any....

Solution #1
Show Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry to New Patients Using a Handcrafted SEO Strategy

Dr. Ciano needed to show her practice to the thousands of patients that were searching for a new dentist. To do that: Her website needed to be visible online and show up exactly where new patients were looking.

The Firegang team had a list of solutions:
» Use Firegang’s handcrafted, never automated, search engine optimization strategy to rank Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry’s website on the 1st page for as many high-volume, relevant search keywords as possible
» Use a Local SEO strategy to rank for “Princeton” “New Brunswick” “Hopewell” and “Hamilton” (Dr. Ciano’s market)
» Make sure Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry shows up in the top 3 results for the maps section
» Bring in more patient calls via organic pathways: search results & Google Maps


Finally Visible to Thousands!

By optimizing Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry’s new website with a handcrafted, never automated SEO strategy and Local SEO strategy, Dr. Ciano was finally visible to thousands of new patients!
Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry ranks on page 1 for over 50 keywords that patients are using right now to find a new dentist. These include “pediatric dentist,” “best dentist for kids,” “dentistry for kids,” “kids dentist princeton nj,” “pediatric dentist princeton nj,” “sedation dentistry,” and more.

Dr. Ciano’s practice is also #1 on the maps section for several local searches, above her competitors! These local search results are where 92% of searchers pick a dentist.

SEO Impact on New Patient Opportunities

But how do those rankings directly increase the opportunities to book new patients? In just the first 6 weeks after launching the new SEO strategy, the website traffic coming in from that organic SEO was high-quality, spending an average of 3 minutes on the site and reading multiple pages. In fact, 78% of new patient calls were a direct result of organic traffic. But the full effect of search engine optimization takes time, and as more time passed, Dr. Ciano ranked for more and more important keywords. This led to a fantastic increase in new website visitors, month after month, which eventually converted into an uptick in calls, and new patients.

Challenge #2
Give Patients a Reason to Choose Dr. Ciano Over the Competition

With more patients seeing Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry in their search results, amongst her competitors’ websites, Dr. Ciano needed to give patients a reason to choose her practice over the competition.

When competition increases, many dentists feel the pressure to slash their prices in order to survive. But Dr. Ciano said she would much rather build an “enormous amount of reviews, have a great reputation, and not sell out the practice with coupons and specials” as she knew she was offering a great experience.

Dr. Ciano’s marketing needed to grab the attention of her target market: parents in their 30s and 40s, and show them why Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry was the best choice for their children.

Solution #2
Increase Reviews & Showcase Tangible Differentiation

It’s no secret that parents are constantly looking for the best option for their children: especially when it comes to their doctor. For that reason, Dr. Ciano needed to stand apart from the competition clearly. We needed to create tangible differentiators to show parents that Dr. Ciano offered exactly what they were looking for, and increase her number of positive online reviews to outnumber her competitors.

By highlighting Dr. Ciano’s value and differentiation, we planned to attract more high-quality new patients, and hoped Dr. Ciano would never feel pressured to discount her services in order to grow her practice, in spite of growing competition.

The Firegang team had a list of solutions:
» Encourage staff to ask for reviews in person and via email without seeming pushy
» Coach the Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry team on how to reply to online reviews (both positive & negative!)
» Create a list of tangible differentiators to display on the Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry website
» Use tangible differentiators in Google ads to attract more new patients


Reviews Ahead of the Competition

The staff at Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry worked hard to ask for more reviews, and in just the first few months of working with Firegang, their reviews doubled! Today, Dr. Ciano maintains a perfect 5-star rating with 20x more reviews than the competition, making the choice easy for parents.

Unique & Effective Online Ads

But the differentiation didn’t stop there, we helped Dr. Ciano create tangible differentiators and added them to her Google ads.

In the first month with Firegang, Dr. Ciano ran a successful Google ads campaign for Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry, bringing in leads at just $27 each.

The success of these ads is due to the tangible differentiators featured in the headlines, such as:
» Open Saturdays Until 2 PM
» Free Exam for Kids Under 2YO

Meanwhile, competitors ran ads containing overused phrases such as “trusted dentist” and “healthy teeth, healthy kids.”  With tangible differentiators, Dr. Ciano could speak directly to parents’ wants and needs when searching for the best pediatric dentist for their children.

A Website Transformation with Differentiation

With the combination of Dr. Ciano’s increased reviews, well-performing ads, and effective SEO strategy, more people than ever were landing on her website. Parents needed to see those same differentiators and even more reasons to choose Dr. Ciano for their child.

Do You Want to Become a Premier Pediatric Practice?

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» Identify Your Differentiators
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» Create Effective Internal Messaging
» Google Ad Buildout & Management

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» Website Building & Optimization
» Systems Integration & Tracking Set-Up
» Virtual Consultation Coaching
» Front Office Phone Coaching

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