Live Stats

Tracking and analytics of web traffic is extremely important, and at Firegang, we believe that this in-depth level of transparency will set the bar for what we do. Unlike many other companies that will send you a scaled down or manipulated report once a month, we allow you to view your live clients on your website in real time.

Additionally, you will see in real time where your visitors are coming from,
how long they are staying, what actions they are taking, if they are repeats or new, and most importantly, that your marketing is in fact actually working the way it should.
Firegang Stats

To the left here, you see that this easy to navigate customized reporting provided to you is designed to view at a glance all aspects your clients’ data.

Firegang Live Screenshot

As you can see here, drilling down your data is very easy to do. Visualizing your data can be of huge value in addition to your other marketing efforts. If you want to take your marketing to the next level, call or email us today, and let’s talk.

Firegang Stats Geo Map Screenshot